Vegas Final Day - Lunch at Mon Ami Gabi

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

On our final day we woke up, tried to deal with the fact we had had very little sleep! And then packed and checked out.

We left our bags with the concierge and then headed across the strip to get some lunch

We split up - Ruby P and Zahra to Panda Express and me and Rach to Paris

Mon Ami Gabi is a really cute restaurant at the front of the Paris hotel where you can sit outside on a terrace.

It was so hot though (and we didn't want to sweat in our travelling clothes) that we sat inside.

We both ordered the steak sandwich which was SO good!

It was served in a proper french baguette with peppercorn sauce with a side of onion gravy for dipping and really skinny chips

This restaurant isn't too pricey and is a perfect lunch place. All that was missing was a glass of red...but it was still quite early and we did have a flight to catch!

After lunch we headed back to the hotel and waited for the other girls before getting a cab to the airport

Upsettingly at this point I checked SnapChat and found out the Kylie Jenner had been in Vegas! 

Not sure where she stayed or what she would have done as she isn't even 21...but if only I'd known I could have tracked her and Pia Mia downnnn


We then headed to the a hell of a long flight home and landed back in Heathrow.

Very sad to be home :(

Apologies this blog is so short...but it was our final day. I'm going to start working on my Vegas Haul so keep an eye out for that so you can see what I bought

Miss you girls! Lets plan next year!


  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time! Shame you didn't meet Kylie Jenner and Pia Mia! x


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