Vegas - Day 5 - Cosmopolitan Pool, Down Town Vegas and XS Night Swim

Saturday, 20 June 2015

On our final day we considered going to the Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock, but apparently is has got really ghetto in recent years and there have been loads of fights and stuff! So instead we stayed by our pool at the Cosmopolitan.

We were feeling a bit groggy so we got some lunch by the pool - this was the first healthy thing I'd eaten in a while and it was goodddd

The Boulevard Pool is so nice and the day was beaut - not a cloudddd in the sky

We met some guys round the pool who were all from Canada and invited a couple of them along on our trip to Downtown Vegas that afternoon

We got changed out of our bikinis and headed Downtown

Old Vegas is a bit odd really... its very tacky, with lots of street performers, but you do just get this feeling that so much must have happened there

The whole road is covered by this kind of tunnel which I think is made completely of lights - at night there is a light show but we were too early for it. 

You can also zipline down the middle!

We walked all the way to the end - got some ice coffees and then headed to a taxi rank

To get a taxi to In n Out!

I've been to In n Out in California before and didn't realise it was such a big thing when I went - but apparently there aren't that many in America and they aren't in every state.

The burgers are pretty damn good. I don't like the fries that much though. But it's definitely worth a trip if you find one!

After In n Out we went back to the hotel to get ready for our last night out :(

We were going to the XS night swim, so we needed to wear bikinis under our outfits - I hadn't really planned this and had picked a red herve bandage dress for this evening! So I scrapped that plan and wore this high waisted bikini from H&M to go with my Celeb Boutique orange skirt

We headed over to Encore early so that we could do a bit of gambling and get the free drinks that come with gambling!

For such a fancy hotel though you'd think the service would be faster! 

We then headed into the club to our cabana

The night swim is really cool - the pool is heated and the whole place is full of people swimming, drinking and dancing

After getting some drinks at our cabana we went for a lap of the pool and bumped into some guys from Essex that we had met at the Encore Beach Club a few days earlier

We asked if we could leave our stuff at their table and went for a swim!

I took a waterproof Iphone case with me so fortunately we could get pictures without running the risk of my phone dying!

It's the Lifeproof FRE case. I didn't fully submerge my phone at any point, but it got splashed and didn't die so I would recommend it I think!

They are just under £50 on amazon (but I got mine for £25 on ebay!)

In the pool there were a load of inflatables so us girls all clambered into a rubber ring

Which was all fun and games until someone started spinning and spashing us!

As you can see I wasn't happy about it!

We got out of the pool and dried off just as Tommy Trash started his set.

I'm not going to pretend I know who he is...but I think the music was good!

The evening was lovely and warm so we just danced in our bikinis by the table.

Some girls who worked for the company "Never Too Hungover" gave us bottles of what can only be described as berroca gaviscon which apparently stops you getting a hangover...I didn't have a hangover the next day so maybe it really did work?

Or maybe it was because about an hour after this I switched to water!

I was chatting away to one of the guys who we were with and asked what he did for a living...he said he was a shipbroker and I said that I knew a shipbroker who worked in London...

Turns out they work in the same office!

The shipbroker I know happened to be the one who dumped me for not being marriage material...(not bitter about it at all)...
but it made me feel much better that they said they thought he was an idiot for doing so! Especially as they told him the same thing when they returned to the office after the trip!!

We spent the night dipping in and out of the pool, drinking and dancing

At about 3.45ish Rach and I headed back

And got some very late night/early morning food....

By the time we got to bed it was 5 and the view outside looked very different

Eep time for bed!!

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  1. I'm insanely jealous! Vegas is so going on my bucket list!
    Love that orange skirt too x


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