Vegas - Day 4 - Daylight and Marquee

Friday, 19 June 2015

On our fourth day (Saturday) we got ready to go to Daylight at Mandalay Bay

I wore a swimsuit I got from River Island a really long time ago (soz) 

And a body chain from Topshop - which I can't find on the website...but I got it reallyyy recently from the big Topshop on Oxford Street

I also wore some flash tattoos - which you can also get from Topshop and hoops from Primark


We crossed the strip for breakfast at the Harley Davidson Cafe

Now looking at this this early in the morning makes me feel a bit sick...but it was gooodddd

Never understand why they give you weird white butter though - Rachel once thought it was whipped cream and put it all over her pancakes LOL!

We then got a cab to Mandalay Bay to go to the Daylight pool party.

Mandalay Bay is much further down the strip so if you go there I really recommend taking a trip to the Vegas sign on your way there or back as it is quite close.

The pool at Daylight is quite small, but I really liked that they actually provided towels for everyone, not just people with cabanas.

We had a drink in the sun and sat on the pool side...

After an hour or so though we decided that actually our pool at the Cosmopolitan was more fun so we got up and got ready to go...

Literally on our way out though this guy came up to us and asked us to come to his private room, pool and cabanna next to the DJ booth...

He was having a massive party, and never one to turn down a party we went over!

I think it was that guy's party!

You can't see them very well in the above picture, but I wore another pair of barefoot sandals to this pool party...

Here is a better pic

I also got these from ebay

They were £2 for two...with free packaging!

We then left the party and headed back to the hotel. Rach and I went to Sephora to go shopping (again - a haul will be coming soon) and Ruby, P and Zahra went to the Vegas sign as Ruby and P hadn't been before.

After shopping Rach and I went back to the room...changed into bikinis so we could maximise our tans and met the girls out by the Boulevard Pool.

The view up there is so cool!

We made some friends and then went back to get ready for the night out.

It was actually really nice to have a good nights sleep the night before and have a bit of a chilled day before a big night out...

I wore my fave Celeb Boutique dress 

And fortunately my flash tattoo from the day time perfectly fitted in the hole

I also wore my new Lolita liquid lipstick from Kat Von D

I've wanted this colour for at least 6 months! Sephora is usually sold out - but I managed to find it in Vegas. 

We started early and headed over to New York New York to their Piano Bar.

Rachel and Zahra had said earlier in the trip how fun this place was and I kind of brushed it off as "I can go to a bar at home".

So glad we didn't listen to me - this place is so fun! Please go there if you're in Vegas

It is free to stand and $15 (I think) if you want to sit. There are basically two pianos in the middle of the room and two guys playing them. You write down on slips what songs you want them to play and give them a couple of dollars in their jar and they play anything.

Literally anything - they playing Taylor Swift Shake It Off for us as well as Outkast Hey Ya!

They were brilliant - plus one of them was pretty hot - wedding ring though!

After the Piano Bar we gambled for a bit on the roulette machines and realised that actually P is a bloody great gambler - she turned $20 into $100.

...I turned $20 into $0

We then headed over to Marquee (which is the club in the Cosmopolitan) to meet up with our Australian "Uncles".

We had a table right in the middle of the club and its fair to say the alcohol flowed...

Some of us were more happy than others about it though!

Rachel's face sums up how we all felt about the Patron

Vodka is more our scene!

I really do love this liquid lipstick - I also used my By Terry Ombre Blackstar in the colour Misty Rock to do my eyes - it is a creamy eyeshadow pencil and is so easy to blend! 

The only downside to Marquee was the music was really heavy EDM - no chart music really and no RnB so that kind of sucked as that's what I love! 

The club is cool though - pretty big and it has an indoor and outdoor area as well as three rooms

At this point this blonde girl joined our table...she said she'd lost her friends so we felt a bit bad for her...but I think actually she might have just come clubbing on her own and have used that line to get on our table!

She was very very strange and did something that we already know from previous dating blogs that I don't like!

I had my shoes off because they hurt... pretty standard...and she picked up my foot which I thought was a bit odd...then full on put my toe in her mouth.

I nearly kicked her in the face and completely freaked out!

My feet had been in heels for at least the past four hours...that is F-ing disgusting!!!

At this point it was about 2am so P and I made an executive decision and left the crazy girl to it!

We were going to go up to the hotel room but decided to stop off for some food first as we hadn't had dinner

We went to a restaurant in the hotel called The Henry where they serve food 24 hours!

A very good call!!

Plus the portions were so big that we managed to take doggy bags back to our room for the rest of the girls :)


  1. Vegas looks like so much fun! I thought the butter was whipped cream, too! Haha.
    & I love that swimsuit! I thought the chain was apart of it! x

  2. Thank you :) I think I bought it in 2010 so its an oldie but a goodie! xxx

  3. Misty Rock looks beaut on you! <3
    Looks like so much fun chum xxx

  4. You looked gorgeous! Vegas is always fun. I literally went eww at the toe story lol

    1. Thank you! Literally it was so disgustinggg! xxx


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