Vegas - Day 3 - Encore Beach Club and Drai's

Monday, 15 June 2015

On the third day I woke up with a cracking hangover...pretty glad that despite me calling them dull my friends made leave before the close the night before!

We showered and got ready for our first pool party of the trip...

Encore Beach Club - the Pool Party that beats all other Pool Parties. Promise me if you go to Vegas and you do one thing, its this...

I wore my new H&M blue and white bikini which you can find here:

And a primark kimono style cover-up which I think was less than a tenner and they had it in a million colours. I think I'm going to go back to get a black one

We got a cab over to the Wynn and got into the guest list queue for Encore Beach Club - we got in super fast and were given our own bed...unfortunately it was in the we wandered out into the sunshine to take a dip and find a sunny spot!

I'm sorry but how cool are my friends...not like the basic bitches who wear heels, fake eyelashes and don't even go in the pool!

We had a bit of a drink and a dance...

And then I took one for the team..

What this is a "dating" blog after all and I'm sure you're all intrigued about the boys we met.

This man had a table... in the sun...where we could put our stuff.

Unfortunately when he took his glasses off he was just not as attractive...

So I went back to my girls (once we'd secured the lillypad in the sun and a place to put our stuff) and avoided the boy!

Do you like my bindi? My friend Aneesha gave it to me :)

Let's just take a moment to appreciate my barefoot sandals...they are lace and they hook over one toe and then tie round your ankles

They were about £4 and I got them here

We then met some really nice (normal) guys from Essex who we employed as our photographers...

I think they did a reasonable job!

In the middle of the pool there is a pole and stage, it has a shower over the top of it though so you get very wet and cold!

At about this point we called it a day and headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner

This would only ever happen in Vegas...

When we were back three guys from Sheffield barged their way into our room...

I'll give the story a bit more context - someone knocked on the door and I opened it assuming it was P or Ruby...but it was three pretty hot guys who insisted on coming in...even though I tried to shut the door on them!

We had to call Ruby to tell her to come over so she could experience the randomness of the situation!

It was ridiculous! But I wasn't complaining as that muscley man you see above was in my bed!

So random.

We then got ready for dinner in St Mark's Square at the Venetian

I did a copper eye and glowy makeup and wore my favourite outfit of the trip!

This top and skirt are from Celeb Boutique but I got them on ebay as they are no longer in stock.

We then got a cab to the Venetian and had dinner at Canaletto 

We were starving as we hadn't really eaten all day so pasta was exactly what we needed. We were all seriously flagging as the last two nights were starting to catch up on us!

The food was really good (big portions) and they very sweetly gave Rach a tiramisu for her birthday 

We didn't tell them her birthday was a month ago!

We then walked to Drai's to see Ciara

I'd heard great things about Drai's...but to be honest, I thought it was really ghetto

The layout inside was cool, but all the seats were basically shiny pink plastic and there were some awful looking girls wearing flip flops and denim shorts!

We stayed for a little while...

...and then skedaddled to bed to get some proper sleep..which was sooooooo nice and soooo needed!


  1. Haha, I loved the little text snippets - it made the post a whole lot funnier! It looks like you guys had a great time! x

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