Vegas - Day 1 - Arrival and Surrender NightClub

Friday, 12 June 2015

Last Wednesday I got up super early...I mean like 5.40am early! And headed to Heathrow Terminal 3.

I got the bus then the tube from Battersea and it was so easy. The only hard bit was carrying my suitcase up and down the stairs! I highly recommend getting the tube rather than the Heathrow Express from Paddington, its about a quarter of the price.

I arrived and met the girls and we headed through check in. I think the check in lady thought we were completely mad because we were so excited for Vegas!

We stopped for breakfast and got on the plane...ready for a nine and a half hour flight to Dallas

I didn't manage to sleep at all which was SO annoying, but I did watch Annie, Night at the Museum 2, Sleeping Beauty and a bit of High School Musical 3...a very productive time. The best was definitely Night at the Museum 2. I love Robin Williams

We got off the plane at Dallas and had to go get our bags to recheck them...which was a bit annoying - luckily we had enough time! 

We then stepped onto Dallas soil, just to say we had and headed to the departure lounge...

In the airport they had the coolest vending machines!

The kind I really enjoy! Essie and Benefit! How cool is that!

I stopped for my fave Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee and then we were off again...

We flew three and a half hours from Dallas to Vegas... 

I managed to sleep for about 15 minutes...and woke up to P snapchat filming me and putting her finger up my nose!

I so wanted to sleeepppp!

We arrived in Vegas, collected our bags and got a cab to the Cosmopolitan.

The Cosmo is gorgeous!! It's so modern and chic.

As there were five of us we were split into two rooms, me, Zahra and Rachel in one and Ruby and P in the other...

This was our room

The beds were huge and so comfy, and check out the naughty shower!

We actually didn't pull down the blind as it meant you could watch the TV whilst in the shower

This was the pool you could see from our window

We quickly changed into some shorts and headed out for some food on the strip

We went to Bubba Gump, which I've been to in London, New York and Florida.

Unfortunately the one in London disappointed me and so did this one in Vegas

I just think that although the cocktails are great the food just doesn't live up to expectations

Although saying that Ruby really liked what she got which was a 2/3lb of shrimp (which was a starter!). I got the prawn cocktail which is one of my faves, but make note, American prawn cocktail is very different to English Prawn Cocktail. Ours is pale pink theirs is deep red and tastes like horseradish EW!

We then wandered back to the Cosmo to get ready to go out. We decided to go to Surrender at the Wynn which is further down the Strip.

I went for a marroon smokey eye very similar to the one I did in this Blog:

And wore my black bandage dress from BooHoo

A bargain at £20

And we headed out...

We got a cab to the Wynn and went into Surrender

The club is half inside and half outside which is pretty cool, especially as the evenings are so warm

We had our own bed by the pool 

And also had access to a cabana upstairs

This was the view from the cabana - so you can see the inside area of the club is over behind the palm trees 

It was a really cool layout!
 We went down to the club and had a cheeky dance and the music was surprisingly good - more RnB, HipHop and old school tunes than I expected. Most of the time in Vegas its EDM and a bit samey

Major Lazer was coming on later so I assume they wanted to do some more commercial music before he arrived

At this point Ruby, Zahra and P headed home to sleep off the flight and Rachel and I carried on.

We met a group of British guys who were all wearing matching blazers....

So I of course had to have a pic in one and pretend to be a warbler!

At about 1.30am - I think! - Major Laser came on and fortunately we were in a prime spot...

He had Steve Aoki with him too who Rach and I saw last time we were in Vegas

We danced until our feet hurt and headed home about 2.30am... in fact we didn't head straight home, we went to CVS first to pick up some snacks, as I'd basically only eaten 8 prawns the day before!

I got these....and I swear if you are ever in CVS get these...they are SOOO good!

A very successful first night in Vegas - it only got better from here!

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