Vegas and Recent Haul

Friday, 26 June 2015

When I was in the Vegas I did a bit of shopping... mostly just the necessities of course...

I started at Bath and Body Works in Ceasers Palace 

And bought two of my favourite thingsss

First of all I got hand sanitizer...odd I know, and yes I picked five of the same scent - but this is the smell of shower gel I have and I loveeeee it! 

Bath and Body Works do the best hand sanitizer because it actually smells nice...rather than like alcohol!

I go through so much of this stuff because it smells so good!

I also got my favourite! Mahogany Teakwood Candles

They smell exactly like Abercrombie and Fitch Fierce - which I love! It makes my flat smell like sexy men!

I put them on my mantelpiece with my other ones of the same smell.

Next stop was Sephora! My fave

I got a few bits...

The first was a Sephora Atomizer.

You basically decant your perfume into these little silver sprays and it means you have a travel version of your perfume wherever you go!

I don't know why I didn't get one of these sooner! They are so handy!

Next was actually a free gift!

A pretty good free gift if you ask me!

The lady at the counter asked if I had a points card and as I am rarely in Sephora (we don't have them in England) I've always said no. I decided to say yes and sign up and it meant that they gave me a gift for missing my birthday!

How kind!

I got two of these NARS lip pencils, the nude one I'm obsessed with! And the red I haven't tried yet

They are really creamy but the red did smudge quite easily on my hand so we will see how that wears on my lips!

The next thing was this Bite Beauty 5 night fix for lips

My lips get really dry and I'd heard so much about this product that I picked it up

You get a sugar scrub (in a lipbalm format - which I love as you don't get it everywhere!) and the most amazing lip mask which I put on before bed.

It really does just cure your lips of chappedness! I would HIGHLY recommend this. 

Next was an item I've been trying to get my hands on for months!

The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita

It's so pretty! And really does last well

After eating I find the middle bit of my lips has rubbed off but its worth topping it up because its so creamy and doesn't leave your lips feeling all tight and dry

Next I got some of these Fibre Eye Masks. I love the main face masks they do so I thought I'd give the eye one a go - I haven't used it yet but I imagine it will be really cooling and lovely

I also received a sample of the Boscia detoxifying black cleanser - I tried this out last night and it is so weird because it actually heats up on your face - a very strange sensation. I liked it though as I felt like it was working.

On another occasion I took another trip to Sephora...oopssss

I picked up a new beauty blender - as mine has started to crack and look a bit tired!

And I also got the Soiled Blendercleanser which you can use to clean your beauty blender as well as your regular brushes.

I've used it once on my current beauty blender and it did work really well - it made nearly the entire thing bright pink again rather than foundation coloured....

The final thing I got was a free gift as I'd got enough points to use on my Sephora card!

It's the fresh rose face mask.

Now I don't really like the smell of I'm not that convinced... but that's just my nose preferences! I love getting roses (as in the flower) but the smell of rose in beauty products just reminds me of old ladies!

Finally I went to the Drugstore and picked up something I knew I wanted to try...

The L'Oreal Infallible Setting Spray

We don't have this in the UK even though we have the Infallible Foundations. The mist on this spray is really fine which is great as I've tried some where your face just ends up wet!

I also picked up presents for some of the girls at work
Everyone loves an EOS 

The final thing was another gift - an Essie Nail Polish in the colour In the Cabana for my bestie

That is the end of my Vegas purchases, but here are a few more bits that I've bought recently in London!

The first is the LA Girl Pro Conceal concealer. You can't get this in the UK so I got it on Ebay in the colour Natural.

This is really good in terms of coverage but I did find it a bit drying and it cracks a bit under my I'm going to keep it for highlighting rather than concealing

This BB Dream Bronze Cream is new from Maybelline and I really like it. It is kind of like a glowy liquid bronzer, but its the perfect colour for an all over BB cream for my face in the summer months. 

On some days I've mixed it with foundation for a glow and on others I've just worn it alone. I recommend if you are my kind of skin tone (medium/olive)

Please note though that this provides very very little coverage. It more just evens out your skin tone and makes you glow - so not the one for you if you have blemish prone skin. Just mix it with your regular foundation for a glow!

I also bought this Argan Oil of Morocco which I've heard great things about - I've only used it twice in the ends of my hair after washing it but think I need to try it a few more times before reviewing.
I did notice that it didn't weigh down my hair and make it greasy like other oils have in the past.

The final thing was a bit of a splurge...and I'm not even sure I love it

The NARS Audacious lipstick in the colour Julie.

I thought it would look nice with a tan - and I don't hate it...but I think I'm just not used to seeing myself with coral lips...

Let me know what you think below! Do you like it? I'm not sure!

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