The Ivy Market Grill

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A couple of weeks ago my friend Franny and I went to try The Ivy Market Grill in Covent Garden which opened in November.

Its run by the same people as the famous "The Ivy" but is a quicker service and cheaper prices

Their pre theatre menu is £16.50 for two courses or £21 for three...pretty good prices! That menu is available 5pm-6.30pm Monday to Friday

We both ordered a cocktail to start and picked The Royale
Bitter Truth rose water, hibiscus, Brockmans berry gin, topped with Champagne

It was yum and at £8.50 I don't actually think that over priced compared to The Ivy where champagne cocktails are £14.50

We also ordered courgette fries

Which were the biggest bowl in the world and we definitely didn't I thought they were a bit greasy and tricky to eat as they were so thin.

I maybe wouldn't recommend them to be honest..

Time for starters...

I had prawn cocktail (my faveee) and this was a particularily good one with huge prawns

Franny had the tuna carpaccio which was apparently also very nice

Time for mains

and wine!

Let's start with the wine...

We ordered a bottle of Gavi which was £27.
Their house white is £19.50 - so again there are affordable options

The only thing I didn't like was their wine glasses!
What on earth is that! I am so not into short stem wine glasses. In fact these just really offend me...

We both ordered the chargrilled half chicken for £14.75.

It came with thick cut chips but I asked for kale and spinach good am I!

Franny got the chips

The chicken was moist and delish.

I do think the food was great quality for the price.

Never sure whether you should put the prices of things in blogs...but I think its helpful? Do you? Let me know below. Some people think its vulgar to talk about money!

We considered dessert...but decided to be good!

The service at The Market Grill was really good. The waiter used out wine bottle to top up the table next to us (who then pointed it out) so they gave us another large glass each...not that we needed them

Fair to say I was a little merry when we went to see Wicked that evening. Especially as I had two wines during the show

The woman next to me Shhhed me for singing!
How rude is that...I swear I wasn't even singing but just mouthing the words...oops

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