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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

On Sunday me and my girl Franny went to Roka for "brunch". We booked a few months ago as they get quite booked up.

I say "brunch" because it was 2.30pm.

I thought I'd put in some effort and actually do my hair for once.

I used my foxy locks extensions in the colour brown black and did an Ariana Grande style curly half up half down

It is actually really easy to use extensions in an updo and make them look natural. If you want a blog on how I do it then let me know...

You need the extensions in your pony tail as well as the hair you are leaving down or it just doesn't look right!

I headed over to Canary Wharf met Franny and off to Roka we went...

You have two options when you have brunch at Roka - either the Koten Brunch or the Puremiamu Brunch

With both options you get a drink on arrival and we picked bellinis

You then get to go up to the buffet (which is massive) and pick as much sushi, tempura, ceviche etc as you want.

And you can go back as many times as you want

Whilst we were having our starters the waiter brings out a few hot dishes for you

These sesame pork dumplings were reallllyyy good

And the calamari was pretty good too - not soggy at all and flavoured with lime zest

With both the brunch options you get unlimited white or red wine...which is dangerous. 

We went for the first brunch option and actually the white wine was really nice

You then both pick a dish from the kitchen

We decided to pick different options and share them

Fran picked the roast baby chicken with lemon chilli and garlic soy

And I picked the ribs with the spiced master stock and cashew nuts

The chicken was the better of the two dishes but was really lemony. So I peeled this skin off which was coated in the marinade

The ribs were good but, as ribs always are, messy. I liked the marinade but by this point we were pretty full from the sushi!

I would have happily just eaten from the sushi buffet bar to be honest!

Then with both options you get the dessert platter

I think you can tell what the stand out dish was just by looking!!

The berry cheesecake (in the white bowl) was really good but the chocolate slice was the absolute winner

It is kind of like a chocolate cheesecake, but a bit firmer and it tastes like a snickers bar. Plus the ice cream is banana and peanut butter flavour and there is a carmael sauce and sugared nuts all over the top.

My description is terrible - but this is AMAZING

The kind of pudding you'd pick as your last one on death row

By this point quite a bit of wine had been the bellini... plus we went on to a pub to have maybe three glasses of pimms?

Ty Ty Sleepy Bear!

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