June 2015 - Favourites

Friday, 26 June 2015

I love doing favourites posts, but I do find them a bit tricky as if I love something one month, I'm likely to use it the following month too!

I have loved a couple of new things this month though, so let's get right into them!

The first is the Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter from The Body Shop

I am obsessed with this!! I got it on a recommendation from my bestie Jess and am so glad I got it.

Let's start with the smell - it smells like The Cosmopolitan hotel in Vegas! All the Vegas hotels smell different, but the Aria and the Cosmopolitan smell particularly good - I didn't realise at the time that it smells like camomile but apparently it does!

The is a really creamy cleansing butter which I use to remove my makeup every day.

I only scoop out a little and it kind of melts in your fingers and melts away your makeup.

I do it once, wipe away with a warm damp muslin cloth and then do it once more just to check my face is really clean.

Next is an item I bought on my birthday in January as a present to myself.

YSL Black Opium

As you can (or can't) see, I've actually used this all up! Good thing I'm off to Malta on the 28th June! (will be there when this post goes up!) and can go to Duty Free

I can't describe the smell, but its definitely an evening kind of date night sexy smell - rather than daytime at work in an office.

I've just googled it an apparently the scent is made up of white florals, coffee and vanilla - but I never would have guessed that!

I always get complimented on this smell from people of all ages, so I think its pretty versatile.

This item I'm obsesseddddd with!


Its the Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix for Lips

It comes with two items, a stick exfoliator and a lip mask.

I love that the exfoliator is a stick as you don't get it everywhere like the Lush Sugar Scrubs which end up all over my makeup table!

And this lip mask! It's really thick and you only need a little - it just cures your lips of chappedness - I'm in love! No other lip balm will ever live up to this.

The final item is a favourite...but I'm a little annoyed at it...

I got this NARS lip pencil in Rikugien as a birthday gift from Sephora and I really love the colour and texture

However, as you can see, it needs a sharpen...

NARS have decided to make these pencils so fat that they don't fit in regular pencil sharpeners...even the bigger of the two holes!

Not impressed! I guess they want me to go buy the NARS pencil sharpener!

Shame on you NARS :(

Shame on you

Comment below and let me know what your monthly favourites are!

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