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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Today I'm flying to Vegas!!


Fortunately I've written a few blogs in advance to see me through the next five days... I imagine there won't be much time for blogging whilst I'm away so I'll be writing my Vegas blogs on my return.

This blog is still a bit holiday themed and is a pre-holiday Boots Haul

I went on a day date...yes with a Westfield on the weekend and got a few bits and I'd also been shopping the day before so I have put the two together...obviously I wouldn't buy a razor and veet on a date...

Or was it a date...might have just been two single friends hanging out..who knows!

Anywayyyyy lets get into it!

Let's start with the thing I'm most excited by...

No one else seems to appreciate this as much as me! 
It's a mini venus razor with a little travel case.

How handy is that! Does anyone else think this is brilliant?

I hate having to take a razor travelling because I always have to wrap it up in a plastic bag so it doesn't cut anything and also so the creamy strips on some of the razor blades don't get all over everything.

Well I think its cute anyway! 
It was £9.99 at Boots but at Superdrug at the moment its only £4.98!
So I'd recommend going there

Let's stick with the hair removal theme shall we? 

Obviously something else not purchased in front of the boy!
I used to use Veet when I was about 15 but the hassle always bothered me and I just switched to shaving instead.

This caught my eye because its for sensitive skin and is moisturising. Plus apparently hair removal cream lasts longer than shaving...not sure how maybe it burns down to the root or something!!

I tried this on a patch on my leg just to check I wasn't allergic or anything on Friday and it is still smooth now (Tuesday - when writing this) I think that's impressive! 

Plus it wasn't too much hassle - just waited 5 mins then scraped it off with the little spatula it comes with

I'm going to do the rest of my legs today so hopefully they last a few days in Vegas rather than having to shave frequently.

Plus at £6.99 its cheaper than a razor!

Next isn't a new fact I buy it every couple of months...

I've used the L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Chocolate for...maybe 2 years now?

I used to have bleachhhhh blonde hair, but had a disaster in Thailand when I tried to get my roots done at our hotel salon...

And when I say disaster I mean disaster (don't judge the old school pics...and my cleavage!)

My roots went orange...and they bleached my entire head twice to try and fix it...and it didn't work

So first of all I had to go to school like that! And then I had to dye my hair brown.

This picture is on the same day

What is that fringe and pout about!

Anyway, the point is, for years since then (2006) I had my hair dyed brown at the hairdresser.

Then I had a brief stint as a blonde again, but went back brunette.

I started dying my own hair in about 2010 to save money and it really does, plus I get the same result.

I really like this L'Oreal Creme Gloss, it makes my hair really shiny, only takes 20 minutes and the conditioner than comes with it smells amazingggg

Plus its only £6
I think I used to pay about £45 at the hairdressers

The next thing I did buy with the boy...and actually whilst spraying it on my hand to see what it was like I sprayed it all down the front of his top...and all over a lady standing beside us wearing white...we ran away! I don't think she noticed..

I just wanted to see how glowey this Piz Buin factor 30 skin illuminating spray would actually make me
It apparently has no fake tan but just gives you a nice I'm up for that!

Its half price at Boots at the moment £8.50 rather than £17

The next thing isn't very exciting...but is anything on this list exciting? Oh the snap razor of courseeee

I don't ever really use heat on my hair, I don't blow dry it or straighten it, but I do sometime curl it for a night out and plan to in Vegas! So I got some heat defence spray from John Freida

I got this one because it has a handy locking system so it won't spray in your bag!

It was £5.99

Has anyone used this before? Is it good? Comment below if you have!

Next I got a new top coat from Barry M.

I wanted the gel 3D shine one from Sally Henson, but they didn't have it in I read this one from Barry M is pretttyyy good!

I used it on Sunday on one nail and I must say it hasn't chipped and does look like a thick shiny gel nail!

I'm impressed! It says you can only use it with the Sunset nail varnishes from Barry M...but I'm pretty sure that is just a way to make you buy their nail varnishes!

I used it over an Essie one and it worked fine!
You just apply one layer and then hold it under a light for a few dries really fast too!

The final bits I got were for one of my best friends who's just told me she's pregnant!

I'm so excited for her and wanted to give her something - but not something for the baby yet as I think you are meant to wait until the last trimester for that...not sure of the etiquette! Must look it up in my etiquette book!

They weren't particularily exciting things, but things I would want if I was pregnant.

The first is Palmer's Cocoa Butter massage lotion for Stretch Marks.

Its important to start early with moisturising your bump so you don't get stretch marks!

I also got her this Botanics Pillow Spray

I have a very similar one which I'm OBSESSED with! I think it makes me sleep so much better and I thought it would be nice for her :)

So that's the end of my Boots Haul - I hope you enjoyed.

If you're a blogger leave me the link for your Hauls below..I love having a snoop!

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