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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

If you're an avid reader of my know how much I love Fancy Dress and Halloween
I especially love wearing coloured contacts - I think they just take any fancy dress outfit to the next level!
The people over at asked me if I'd like to try any of their Coloured Contact Lenses and of course I jumped at the chance
Love meeee a coloured contact!
I already have red ones and blue ones...

So I thought I'd go a bit Twilight and give yellow a go!

They come in a little box with the lenses packaged separately inside

These are the Avatar Contact Lenses...I've never actually seen Avatar so in my head they are Twilight

You can find them here:

Now I took circa a MILLION pictures because I thought they looked so let's try and cut it down to just a few shall we!
I started with a nude lip (Rimmel lip pencil in the colour Exaggerate) 
So just like a casual day to day vampire...

Then switched it up for a red lip (MAC Dare You)

For more of a nightime vamppy vampire look!

These lenses are really pigmented so they cover your entire natural eyecolour and don't move around which is good.
Some other brands I've tried in the past have moved about which makes them look much less "natural" not that yellow eyes are ever natural looking!
When it was time to take them out I popped them in a contact lens pot with some solution 
Back to normal boring eyes...

I thought I'd do a little list of some of the others I want to try!

I think these silver glitter ones look awesome!

These Orange ones for the Lord Of The Rings geek that I am - Saurons Eye!

And then finally one for Halloween which I think would look pretty cool!
Thanks Spooky Eyes I love them!!

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