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Friday, 15 May 2015

I was sent a couple of fragrances from the people at The Library of Fragrance so I thought I would review them for you guys.

I received two:

Baby Powder and Thunderstorm

30ml of these are priced at £15 so I guess these samples are worth £7.50 each

I must say that they are in a very handy spray bottle that is lightweight and fits in your handbag easily

If only I actually liked the smells...

If you look on their website below, you can see some of the smells they have:

Gin and Tonic

I don't mean to be rude but who on earth wants to smell like any of the above

I'll be honest the smells are very potent and true to what they say on the bottle.

So I suppose that's a good thing??

The Baby Powder one literally smells just like Baby Powder.

I don't know if that is a good thing though!

I suppose it is quite a calming smell and might trigger memories back to youth? I might spray it on my pillow at night - maybe it will help me sleep?

So at least there might be a use for that smell.

But Thunderstorm?

This smells like full on moss.

Just like you've walked through a wooded area full of moss...

Now that is just not something I want

I'm afraid both of these scents are a bit of a fail for me - sorry The Library of Fragrance.

Maybe their Peony or Apple Blossom smells would be nice?

or maybe their Holy Water scent would be magical...

but I think I'll give this brand a miss.

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