Recipe: Strawberry Vodka Nutribullet Cocktails

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Yeah yeah yeah I'm on a diet/healthy lifestyle makeover.

But vodka is the least calorific alcohol and strawberries are fruit right?

My friend BooBoo came over for dinner and we had healthy salad, healthy pudding (recipe below) and numerous cocktails!

The Nutribullet worked so well for making these!

All you need is:

Elderflower Cordial

First step...Fill your nutribullet about half full with ice

Plus three shots of vodka

And add about 6 large strawberries on top

Add in a squeeze of lemon

And a few sprigs of mint. Maybe about four springs, rather than just the two pictured here.

Add in about a shot of elderflower

Then wizz up in your nutribullet!

I planned on using tumblers...but then I remembered my beaut martini glasses!

Run a lemon round the edge and pour some sugar on a plate
Then roll the edge of the glass around in the sugar

Pour in your cocktail

They have a kind of naughty slush puppy or frozen margarita texture

Add a sprig of mint and a little swirl of lemon peel 

Then drink up! This recipe makes enough for about an extra half a cocktail each, so chow down then top yourself up!

I think next time I'll try making frozen mojitos or margaritas! The nutribullet makes them so easy to make!


  1. This cocktail sounds so tasty and looks so simple to make!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

    The Everyday Life of Rachel


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