Recipe: Healthy Brownies

Monday, 18 May 2015

Last Friday my friend BooBoo came over and we had healthy dinner...healthy pudding and a lot of cocktails (not so healthy I know)

The main thing that excites me is healthy pudding

I have such a sweet tooth and finding healthy things that satisfy me is quite tricky

Introducing: Raw Brownies!

They take 5 mins to make and are uber yummy and gooey.

This recipe is based on Deliciously Ella's recipe

I don't know how she came up with this recipe but she is a genius!

To make 20 brownies you need:

400g Medjool Dates (I got mind from Holland & Barratt, but have also made them with regular dates and it actually worked ok)
200g pecans
5 tbsp raw cacao powder
4 tbsp agave nectar (maple syrup or honey also works)
2 tbsp almond butter

The one thing about this recipe that is a little annoying is you need a food processor...

Start by processing your pecans

I left some of them quite chunky as I like texture in my brownies

Then process your dates and add them to the nut mix...

You can do it all together in the processor but I didn't want the nuts to be chopped up too finely.

Mix the nuts and dates together...

Then add 5 tbsp of raw cacao powder

4 tbsp of agave nectar

And then two tbsp of almond butter (optional)

I mixed this all together with about 1tbsp of water

Line a baking tin with clingfilm leaving enough each side to wrap over the top of the brownie when its done

A little tip! If you wet your tin first the clingfilm sticks to the tin and lines it perfectly

Tip your mixture into the tin and squish down with the back of spoon


Obviously if you want the nuts less chunky feel free!

Wrap the sides of the clingilm over the top of your brownie

Then pop in the freezer for an hour...or the fridge for three hours

Once its set chop it up and place in a tupperware and keep it in the fridge

(you should be able to make 20 out of this mix, which is more than in the picture below - but I'd already taken some to work....and eaten some....)

They are so gooey and sweet and delicious

I think I actually prefer them to normal brownies and that is saying something!

I have this handy little tupperware which means I can take one to work for my afternoon snack

And at about 140 calories per brownie (and those are good calories) compare to 410 for a brownie from Starbucks you are LAUGHING!


  1. These look gooood - even more so when I know they're healthy! :)

    1. Please try them! I didn't realise how good they would be! I don't even like dates! xxx


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