Presents from my Besties Haul

Monday, 11 May 2015

Last weekend I went home to my parents house in Sussex to not only see my Mummy but to see two of my besties!

The lovlies that they are both got me presents! So I thought I would share with you what I got :)

My bestie Jess ( check out her blog here: ) had been to Paris with her boyfriend for their anniversary. And whilst there she visited the place where dreams are madeeee: Disney!

If you are a longstanding blog reader you will know that in June last year Jess and I went to Disney in Florida...and then in October we went to Disney in Paris. In case you are intrigued my blogs on the matter are below!

Anyway, Jess went with her boyfriend and got me a presentttt!

If only Jasmine and Pocahontas were on there..they are so underrated!

Look how Jess-themed my keys are now!

We went to Discovery Cove on her birthday :)

It was literally one of the best days of my life!

My other treats were from Sephora!

The first was this Lotus Mask from the Sephora brand

I love these masks, they are kind of like a really wet facewipe cut in the shape of your face. 

I love them as they are so moisturising and something a bit different

Very excited to try this one!

I also got body wash capsules in the Peony smell

I have the perfume of this smell so I love it!

She knows the way to my heartttt. 

My other bestie Aneesha hadnt given me my birthday present yet - so I got delayed gratification....especially nice when it comes in a Space NK bag!!

I've never used any By Terry products and I am ratherrrr excited!

Its a cream eyeshadow in the colour Misty Rock and it is SO SO pretty!

Just look at that when the light hits it!

So excited to create a smokey eye with this!

I do feel rather spoilt bearing in mind I didn't expect either present!

Thank you my loveliessss


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