My First Mehndi Night

Thursday, 7 May 2015

On Friday I headed home to Sussex to attend my first Mehndi Night!

My friend Aneesha is Indian and one of her many relatives was getting married. Its a three day affair and the Mehndi Night is first.

All the women in the family get together, dress up in beautiful saris and get their henna or mehndi done for the upcoming wedding nuptials.

According to my bestieee the henna used to only be for the bride and all the time that she had it she was excused from any cleaning or housework. It's a way of easing her into married life.

I turned up to Aneesha's house and got to try on all her beautiful shalwar kameez outfits before deciding on my favourite. Some of the ladies wore saris, but a shalwar kameez is a bit more casual, its a dress with trousers rather than a full on wrapped around sari

Her Mum then helped us pick bangles, a bindi and shoes. I literally felt like a queen and they were so generous to let me borrow all those things.

How beaut does she look! 

We sat and chatted for a while and then food was served.

The stand out dish was the pudding/sweet bit (obviously - you know me!) they are called gulab jamun and are really sweet kind of syrupy balls...not sure how else you would describe them but I liked them!

Once we'd eaten we sat near one of the henna ladies so we could get ours done. There were quite a lot of women so we wanted to make sure we got ours done before they ran out of time

Look how awk I look in my glasses and bindi! 

Whilst I had mine done one of the guests performed a dance which I thought was really impressive

When the lady was done she added glitter to match my outfit.

It looked sooo pretty! 

Just a pointer though - the henna didn't take as well on the bits where she put the glitter so if I had it again I'd ask her to do the glitter in the gaps or on the edge rather than on the henna

Then it was Aneesha's turn

The lady even asked her to be her hand model on another occasion!

One of her cousins added the glitter 

And then added a bit of pink to mine

How cool do they look!

The bride gets both sides of her hands done up to her elbows and then also her feet. It's pretty hardcore, she can't even feed herself or have a drink as it might smudge so she literally gets waited on hand and foot.

We sat and chatted for a while longer and then called it a night.

I managed to very careful get undressed - with a bit of help from my Mumma

Then I put my hand in a plastic bag, secured it with a hairband and went to sleep

I was a little concerned about this process as I haven't had the best luck in the past! 

As you can read here:

but the henna must have dried properly because the next morning (although the inside of the bag was a bit sweaty - EW!) the henna was intact 

I rubbed it off and revealed the stain underneath

The pattern got even darker the next day and I tried to be very careful about patting it dry rather than rubbing it after a shower or swimming etc

I had such a nice evening - its so interesting to get to be immersed in someone else's culture I loved it!

Thanks BAE and BAE's Mumma for inviting me!



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