Haul - Vegas Outfit Planning

Thursday, 21 May 2015

I'm going to Vegas in two weeks and I'm soooo excited!

I've started packing already - obvi - and thought I would share with you the outfits I'm taking.

I'm obviously going to do day by day blogs when I'm there (or when I get back) so you shall see them in action too!

To start...an oldie but a goodie:

This Celeb Boutique Bandage dress
Similar here:
But in pink

Or here
But in mint

I love this dress...and it will definitely work for Vegas.


This black bandage dress from BooHoo

It doesn't look like anything on the hanger...or on the bed...but I love it.

£20 such a bargain!

Just to change the habit of a lifetime...lets pick another keyhole style dress...

This time for our Britney Spears themed night...yes that's a thing!

I'm Toxic Airhostess Britney...

My outfit is Leg Avenue...but I got it ages ago and they've changed the style of their new ones so they don't look quite like Britney's one in terms of shape.

Oh a cheeky surprise...another keyhole

I'm aware that I have a problem...

This is my favourite outfit so far and its brand new just for this trip!

It is also Celeb Boutique

Credit has to be given to my wifey Rachel who found it on ebay and emailed me saying..Buy This!!

I love it - and I never wear colour so its a bit of a change for me...even though it is keyhole..!

This is similar...

Finally the only outfit I'm deliberating.

This dress from Primark - I think it was about £10 

I really enjoy the slit up the front, but am not sure its glamorous enough for Vegas...it does have a low back which looks cool...maybe its just the unusualness of having my chest cleavage covered!

I do really like it...but maybe I'll wear it at a pool party and find another night time outfit!

What do you think? Comment below! Two other options are:

This two piece from Motel Rocks

This LBD from Guess...in 2007...

Let me know which you like best! 


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