Brunch at The Diner

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Last Saturday morning was my friend Franny's birthday! So we headed out for brunch with all the single ladies, to help our hangover, discuss the night before and eat some brilliant food!

The problem with brunch in London is there are some amazing places, but they generally get booked up, or it is a first come first served place and the queues are out the door.

Take The Breakfast Club for example...always queues out the door and I've never been able to go! 

If I'm hungover and hungry I am not queueing for an hour, I'm just not.

This is where The Diner (just of Carnaby Street) fits in. American style breakfasts, delicious naughty milkshakes and they always have a table.

We turned up and asked for a table for eight...and were seated straight away.

We arrived and ordered drinks whilst we waited for the other girls. 

I got an iced coffee (which wasn't on the menu, I just asked) and it was a dreammmm.
Definitely not skimmed milk I'll tell you that much!

Some of the other girls turned up and we ordered shakes too. 

I didn't have one, but I have in the past and they are amazing. 

This one is the Snickers shake, three scoops of chocolate, nutella, peanut butter and a shot of maple!

The perfect drink for the birthday girl
You can even get alcoholic ones...mmmm

The Pina Colada - coconut and pineapple icecream with rum.. I've had it before...its good!

The rest of the girls arrived and it was time for a well overdue breakfast.

I took a risk and went for sweet potato pancakes with guacamole and crispy bacon...

It was a dreammmm. The bacon at The Diner isn't done crispy enough for me so asking the waitress specifically gets you the perfect level of crisp.

Maple syrup, bacon and avocado might sound a bit odd...but I swear to you it's what dreams are made of ( #lizziemcguiremovie - just saying)
I make it at home too!

The other girls ordered:

A short stack of banana pancakes with butterscotch sauce and extra bacon (again, crispy). 

 A short stack of buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup

The Lumber Jill breakfast - Waffles with roasted banana and bacon! 
Which sounded and looked amazing!

Then one for you healthy people - or as healthy as you can go!

Eggs Florentine with no muffin

The other three ladiesss got, french toast, the same as me - sweet potato pancakes and then a ceaser salad.

Apparently the salad was - just ok.
So I think its a brunch place...not a lunch place.

Although their burgers sound pretty fantastic...

And this man - who I sneakily photographed had a serious looking taco salad!

We spent hours chatting away and had such a lovely time.

Here's to the single ladiessss

Let me know in the comments below if you have any brunch recommendations in London.

Preferably somewhere you don't have to queue!

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