My go to nails for Spring - Copper/Rose Gold

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

I, like most people I know, have jumped on the rose gold band wagon over the past couple of years. 

I just think coppery colours are so pretty and rose gold goes with everything

In terms of nails it suits all skin tones and if you go for a glittery version, like me, it makes you feel a teeny bit like a glowy tanned j lo goddess...just a teeny bit, but that is generally what I want to feel like!

I started with two coats of Leotard Optional by Sephora for O.P.I

And then on my ring fingers added Traffic Stopper Copper

Adding glitter to one nail is a way of making this a bit more subtle.

...but why would I want to be subtle!

I added the glitter to all of my nails and I think it looks gorgeous

I had to do a fair few coats of glitter though as more often than not each coat just contained a few bits of glitter. 

I therefore tried to kind of scoop up the glitter on the brush from the bottle, that way I had to do less coats

I then finished with a top coat 

I got both of these nail varnishes in America so below are some options for the UK ladiesss:

Nude Duchess from Barry M

Treasure Chest from Barry M

Penny Talk by Essie

Summit of Style by Essie

Comment below and let me know what your favourite nail colours for spring are!

I don't really like pastels which I think limits my choices!


  1. The nailpolishes you used her suit you very well and I can totally understand why you like them. They look wonderful on you. My favourite colours (nailpolish wise) are pastel mint-shades. I like it because it looks refreshing and works well with my blond hair :D I think it would also look really funky with a rosegold nailtip detail ^o^

    1. I really like mint shades on other people but I just don't think it quite works on me. I have this one from Revlon with which has a mint glitter on the other end! I love it, but like you said, like it more on blondes! xx

  2. This is the most gorgeous nail polish combination!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Thank you :) I love it and I've had the polishes for a while so don't know why I've never done it before! xxx


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