How to: Do your own Henna

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

When I was in New York I got a super cool Henna...

Not a traditional thing to do in New York I guess...but I wanted one!

Here is my blog about it...

Ever since then I've been meaning to buy some henna myself and have a go.

I just think they look so beautiful and as I did Art A levellll (oh hey) I'm pretty creative if I say so myself...

Lets ignore the fact I got a C in it...

But anyway, I think I can handle doing my own henna design.

To do your own henna you need....

A henna cone, sugar and lemon juice..

I bought my henna from a supplier on ebay 

For £2

I practised a leaf on a random magazine that came in the post!

And then just figured I would jump in and go for it!

Ready for a serious number of pictures of my feet...

If you've got a foot fetish this is the blog for you!

I started with a simple flower.

You do a dot in the middle, draw a circle round that and then do two rows of petals coming out.

You then do the outside petals which kind of look like an M and put little lines in those.

That probs doesn't make sense but just look at the picture...
Soz for my blister....

Flip flops for three weeks will do that!

I then did another flower behind the first and added in a leaf, which is self explanatory

The more detailed the design the better your henna will look, so just do everything really small.

I just made up my design so some bits got a bit wild..

Like the kind of shooting star tail down the side of my foot 
Wiggles and dots look cool too, as do little teardrop shapes

I then added in bigger flowers and just put more rows of petals on them 

Just warning you the first time you do will take a longggg time.. 

I added in more leaves and flowers and worked up towards my ankle 

Then to finish off I went down the inside of my foot

This leaf I did differently to the other ones and instead of filling it in with the skeleton lines a leaf has I filled it with spirals which looked cool... 

The final touch was I did some petals or leaves...not sure what they are, going up my ankle a bit..

And here it is finished. 

I also did the other foot.... (on a different day)

It took a lot less time the second time round!

Now time for the lemon and sugar part... 

Squeeze half a lemon in a saucepan and add a tbsp of sugar

Heat it until the sugar dissolves...

I warn you if you lick the spoon you will be treated to the insides of a crepe and have to stop yourself from drinking it...

I then used a face sponge to dab this onto the dried henna..

You are left with half a lemon so you can treat yourself to my fave cocktail!

Here is the recipe!

Sloe Gin, Lemon Juice and Chambord mmmm

Moving on...

When your henna is dry my friend Aneesha told me to put a plastic bag on my foot...and sleep with it on...

Unfortunately, maybe I did something wrong, or maybe I have really hot feet?...but it made it a bit smudgey!

Doesn't look as pretty as it once was does it?

I'm going to try again and am actually going to a henna night with my friend Aneesha.

Once I've seen how the pros do it and what they recommend maybe I can update you on some more tips and tricks!

I think I'm going to steer clear of the bag next time though...or do it in the morning and leave it on all day rather than go to sleep?

If you have any tips or tricks please let me know in the comments below!

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