Coconut Oil - Oil Pulling, Moisturising and Makeup Removal

Friday, 24 April 2015

Coconut Oil is one of those products that people rave about.

I thought I'd put some of its uses to the test and see whether it is actually worth the rave!

Make-up Removal

For the past two weeks I've been using Coconut Oil on cotton pads to remove my makeup rather than my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish.

My verdict - it definitely takes off everythingggg. Even waterproof mascara.

I used to find that by about 3pm each day I'd have a smudge of mascara under my eyes. Whichever mascara I used it still happened, so when I used waterproof mascara in Brazil and it stopped happening I stuck with waterproof!

I no longer get the smudge, but the mascara is tricky to get off...

The solution - coconut oil.

I can't really see any downside to using this as a makeup remover.

My Liz Earle is £14 for 100ml

And my coconut oil was £15 for 450g (although I got it on sale for half price at Holland and Barratt)

So £7 for 450g... you can see the kind of price difference!

Now if you have sensitive skin, or skin that breaks out easily don't go ditching your current skin routine and then blaming me if your skin doesn't like the change. I'm just writing down my experience. I haven't had any spots or any reaction at all to this change. My forehead is a bit dry...but its always a bit dry to be honest!


For the past two weeks I've also been using coconut oil for my moisturiser. On my body and my face.

My skin on my body is the softest its ever been! I've even been complimented on it whilst salsaing and guys have touched my arm...not as creepy as it sounds.

Another benefit of my new super moisturised skin, my faketan has lasted longer than usual. I tanned 8 days ago...and I'm just getting to the point where I would like to again. Plus I've had two baths as well as my usual showers and baths normally soak your tan off a bit more than a shower would.

So I'm very pleased with the results!

I use about a ten pence piece worth of solid coconut oil per section of my body (10p per leg, one for my back, one of my front and then one between my two arms).

The oil soaks in a lot easier than I thought it would (I don't feel greasy afterwards) and the coconut smell is lovely and not too strong.


In terms of my face, I've used about a 5p piece worth over my face in the morning and before bed. I haven't really noticed much difference, my face feels smooth and I don't have any spots - but I'm quite lucky so that's pretty standard for me. 

The logical thing to think is that putting oil on your skin makes it more oily. And I have a bit of an oily TZone anyway...but the opposite is actually the case. The oil on your face tricks your skin into thinking your skin is oily enough so it doesn't produce as much...there's a fun fact for you!

I've noticed more of a difference on my body, but will continue using it on my face too.

Oil Pulling

Until about a week ago I didn't know what oil pulling was - and no one I've spoken to knows what it is either.

The basic principle is every day you put between 1tsp and 1tbsp in your mouth and swish it around for 20minutes.

Now 20 minutes is a long time so its more of a pulling it around your mouth than swishing it as aggressively as mouthwash.

Why on earth would you put oil in your mouth you ask?

Welllll. Apparently it:

  • Whitens your teeth naturally without bleach
  • Strengthens teeth and gums
  • Prevents cavities and generally promotes oral hygiene
  • Helps with bad breath
  • Relieves headaches, migraines and even hangovers!
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Detoxifies the body

You might have seen on Instagram all the TOWIE lot posing with sachets of CocoWhite

I assume they've been paid to do so...lets be honest!

CocoWhite are a brand that sell sachets of coconut oil (various flavours) for oil pulling. 

The sachets are £20 for two weeks worth... whereas my whole tub of coconut oil was £7...

Definitely more cost effective to buy your own coconut oil than pay for the name and for the oil to be measured out in sachets!

I thought I would give it a try...

I started with a tsp as I didn't want to have too much in my mouth! It is oil after all and I didn't want to be overwhelmed and accidentally swallow it!

The coconut oil is solid so it kind of melts in your mouth and then you swish it around. It's best to do this whilst your doing something else, like watching TV or even doing your hair and makeup in the morning...otherwise you will be clock watching and thinking about the fact that you can't swallow!

That was the hardest bit for me - not being able to swallow for so long. The first day I managed it for the full 20 minutes but then had to trot swiftly to the bin to spit it out as I couldn't handle it any longer!

Don't be tempted to spit it down your sink...or you could get a clogged sink! Not ideal.

Because of your saliva adding to the oil (and apparently toxins) the oil kind of doubles in size in your mouth. I therefore recommend sticking to a tsp of oil unless you have a really big mouth!

The second day I could only handle about 12 minutes. I really needed to swallow and I wasn't doing anything to distract myself so I couldn't bear it any longer!

I don't think only doing it for 12 mins is an issue though, as I've just looked at the cocowhite website and it says start with 5 minutes and work your way up!

On the third I was better. I did my hair and makeup whilst swishing the oil around, so I managed to do 20 minutes without noticing too much. 

Same with day 4, 5 and 6 - as I was distracted I didn't even notice the 20 minutes...

When you spit out the oil make sure you brush your teeth and rinse out with water, otherwise you have a kind of oily film in your mouth.

My teeth were quite white before.

Why does my nose look obscenely large in this picture...

But I do think they look pretty white now too. 

Not that much difference, but I can see it a bit in person...this picture was only after 4 days so let's see how white they are after 14 days!

I'm going to keep doing this, because although I'm not sure about it drawing out toxins, oral hygiene is something I think is really important. Bad teeth are just plain gross and I had a lot of different types of braces as a child to sort out my huge overbite (I sucked my thumb all day everyyy day) so I want my teeth to stay nice.

If this is a way of whitening your teeth without bleach then I am all forrrr it! Plus my teeth feel so shiny. Like someone has polished them! I keep rubbing my tongue over them because they feel so smooth!

If you have any other uses for coconut oil let me know! 
I am obsessed and having taken to carrying my jar round the house...maybe I need a jar in every room!

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