Recipe - Easy Thai Green Curry

Friday, 27 March 2015

When I lived with my old flatmate in Vauxhall we lived off thai green curry.

Once you have the ingredients its so easy to do and you can use leftover chicken from a roast or make a big batch and freeze some.

When I got home from Brazil I felt like doing some cooking so I popped to Waitrose for the ingredients I would need. I made enough for four people and put two portions in the fridge, one in the freezer and ate the last one.

For four people you need:

Four chicken breasts
Four handfuls of green beans
A can of coconut milk (or 400ml)
200ml water
Four tablespoons of green curry paste
4 tsps sugar
4tsbp fish sauce - I couldn't find any so I just put in some extra salt and it still tasted fine

Basmati rice

Start by warming up some olive oil

And put in the curry paste.

If you are using it out of a jar do four tbsp, but if you are using the Waitrose thai taste sachets just use the full sachet

Fry this off a bit on a medium heat.

Whilst this cooks for a couple of mins chop up your chicken...

The paste should now look a bit more like this...

Add in your chicken...

And cook until it is very nearly cooked through.

I added my salt at this point, but if you are using fish sauce add that in with the other liquid ingredients in a min...

At this point pour in your coconut milk...

Then fill the can half full of water, swish it around to get all the bits of coconut off the edge and pour that in too...

Add in your sugar and then your green beans...

Bring it to a simmer and cook for 5mins...

(This is the point to do your rice, mine was one of those easy microwave ones, so I could do it in the five mins I had, but if you are doing it from scratch you will have to start earlier)

Give it all a stir and check the beans are done...

And serve over the rice.

It should be quite a watery curry, not like a korma or anything.

This is such a yummy easy dinner. It isn't too unhealthy and I love freezing it down in portions!



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