Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar - Review

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My flat is pretty nice....but it is missing a bath.

I loveeeeee a bath and Jess ( always makes me jel by putting up bath bomb reviews!

What it does mean though is that whenever I go home to my parents I have at least one bath.

So I often pick up a treat from Lush in Victoria Station to use whilst I'm there!

As you can see from the date, these pictures are a little out of date, but hey I've been in Brazil - don't blame meeee

I picked up the Unicorn Horn

Look how fun and colourful that is!

More like unicorn poop than a unicorn horn though..

Unicorns have silver horns duhhh

I broke it in half to spread it over two baths..

And ran it under the tap to create bubbbblesssssssssss

It did a pretty good job bubblewise and it smelt of lavender, but not crazy strong lavender that would send you to sleep.

More of a relaxing experience than a sleep inducing one

I was a bit disappointed though as I thought the bubbles would be multicoloured! 

The white bubbles were a bitttt of a bore to the eyes.

They should have made it more colourful I think... Like this!

This just looks dull in comparison right?

Despite the non-colourful bubbles, my skin did feel really soft afterwards, so I would repurchase it again.

I really enjoyed the smell as it wasn't a potent over the top granny smelling lavender!

What's your favourite lush bubble bar? Let me know so I can get a new treat for my next trip home!


  1. I used my unicorn horn recently too. I also thought it would be multicoloured, but my water did go purple and the smell was lovely and relaxing :)

    1. Hmmmm maybe I should have used the whole thing then the bath would have gone purple? xxx


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