How to: Make your own Easter Eggs

Monday, 30 March 2015

Every year I make Easter Eggs....

Normally for a boyfriend, but hey my friends benefit where a man is missing out!

All you need is chocolate and moulds...

We used to make these when I was little so they are really fun to do with children too if you have any!

Much more rewarding then buying one

I also - as an added treat - fill mine with chocolates...

So in addition to the egg moulds I have little rose ones

The first thing you need to do is oil your moulds slightly

Use whatever oil you want but don't over do it

I just sprayed a bit of this fry light oil on kitchen roll and rubbed it over the moulds

Don't do too much though

It is then time to melt your chocolate

I use a bowl suspended over hot water, but you can use a microwave if you want - just do it in short bursts so you don't burn the chocolate

I started with white chocolate milkybar buttons...

Just checking they're safe!

Stir this until its nearly all melted and then take it off the heat to stir and melt the last little lumps in

White chocolate is easier to burn which is why I don't recommend you suspend it over the boiling water until the very end

Let the warm melted chocolate melt the little lumps which are left 

I then drizzle this into my moulds in a pattern like this... 

I just use a teaspoon and it really doesn't matter if it is messy! 

Pop all your moulds in the fridge 

And fill up your little moulds with any remaining chocolate... 

Put these in the fridge too and get your chef's treat...

Licking the bowl! 

SO thrilled...

Once the white chocolate layer is hard in your egg moulds (about half an hour)

Melt some milk chocolate 

The amount really depends on your moulds.

I do about half a pack of Dairy Milk at a time. 

Dribble this into your moulds.

Try hard not to spread the milk chocolate around too much or you will melt the white chocolate and create a mess... 
That is probably the hardest bit - the first milk chocolate layer.

Use the excess chocolate to fill up some more chocolate roses... 

And put everything in the fridge 

Do two more layers of chocolate...or however many you think!

Depends how thick an egg you want!

I usually leave them overnight for the final layer and then start creating the final product!

Pop out your roses...
As you can see I was a little vigorous with the stirring on the milk chocolate so there were some air bubbles in the chocolate.

So don't do that!

You then need to turn your moulds upside down  and pull up the edges to realise the egg half...

Don't they look pretty and marbled? 

Then pop a few roses in one half.. 

And use a knife dipped in hot water to run along the edge of the egg.

This melts the chocolate slightly and you can stick the other half on top

 Then pop them in the fridge for a bit...

Time to wrap them up in foil...maybe throw on a bow if you are being creative

And you have home-made Easter eggs which anyone will feel very special to receive!


  1. I will have to try this, didnt imagine it to be this simple!!x

    1. It is really simple to do - I just do each layer and then potter around the house for half an hour before I do the next - so they're easy to do if you're spending the day or even the evening at home! xx

  2. These are stunning. The rose chocolates are gorgeous!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  3. These are stunning. The rose chocolates are gorgeous!

    :] // ▲ ▲

  4. this is such a cute idea!! My friends will love them too I'm sure hah. would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. Thank you :) I will check out your blog! xxx


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