From the Mad Hatter's Tea Party at The Sanderson to Toyroom

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

My friend Manish organises the best dates.

He is just the King of Dates.

If you haven't read about the roof-top-bar-hopping-hot-tub-visiting date he organised in the summer then check it out here:

Six months later it was time for our next day date!

We pitched up to the Sanderson rather hungry and ready for our Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea!

We were a bit early though so we had a drink at the long bar first.

Still in Brazil-mode I obviously had a Caipirinha.

I must say it wasn't as good as a Brazillian one though....and was about six times the price.
But they they are less than £2 in Brazil!

We then went to sit down for tea 

I was wearing all black and white so felt like my zebra was appropriate.

Every little detail was themed...

The sugar cube box...

And the menu...

We ordered the regular afternoon tea but asked for no sandwiches with cheese for me and Rach.

They didn't really get it though, and said they would bring the cheese sandwiches anyway but we didn't have to eat them.

I would have preferred if they had brought extra of the others rather than just say we didn't have to eat them...

but hey - that's a minor complaint

We also picked our teas...

The options were, apple pie, strawberries and cream, rhubarb and custard and chocolate chip

Manish and I had chocolate chip which was SO good! And Rach had apple pie

Then all the treatssss arrived! 

We had scones with clotted cream and jam, then savoury scones with herb butter

Victoria sponge clock cakes

A mango cheesecake - which was SO good!

A green tea and white chocolate mousse served in a chocolate cup..


Carrot meringues and strawberries and cream mushroom marshmallows

And finally a drink me potion

Which I'm pretty sure was mango and coconut...not sure but I enjoyed it!

By this point we were stuffed.

All the sweet bits were really good, but I had to just taste each rather than finish them...especially as we were going out wearing bandage dresses that night!

I was slightly disappointed with the service, they were a bit slow bringing extra sandwiches and things...

but they were sweet in asking what special occasion we were celebrating

Good Luck Rachey babessss <3

One thing I thought was pretty cool at the Sanderson was their furniture...

I want a house with this sofa.

One day!

And of course we had to have the obvious bubble chair pic

It was time to move onto the next destination.

We jumped in an Uber and headed towards London Bridge.

And up to the SkyLounge at the Doubletree Hilton

Somewhere I once went with Malteser...

Manish and I matched...

And we all had a drink...

 The sun got lower in the sky and we headed onto our next spot.

I told you he does a good date - if anyone wants me to set you up, you will thank me!

Our final stop was St Katherine's Dock which I've actually never been to before.

We went to The Dickens Inn which is really cute and watched a bit of the rugby

I'd really like to come back here in the summer its so cute and feels like a country pub but bigger!

Rach and I were going out so parted ways with Manish - thanked him for an amazinggggg dateday and headed back to mine to get ready.

We went for a Herve Leger theme, got ready and headed off to Toyroom which is on Swallow Street

We had never been before but had the best night!

With shishas...

And little people dressed as bears... 

The fact you can see his nose really unnerves me...

Just generally a great night though!

I love this picture - look how much fun Rach is having!

Peace out xxx

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