Eyelash Extensions from Wicked Lashes

Thursday, 26 March 2015

If you've read my Wedding Prep blog you will know that last Spring I got individual eyelash extensions.

I eventually let them fall out, as the cost of maintaining them in London was too much.

My lady in Crawley charges £25 for an infill which you need to do about every 3 weeks, but in London the cost is about £45...which is quite a big commitment.

Mary from Wicked Lashes contacted me and asked if she could do my lashes and take photos for her website, so I jumped at the chance!

I used Mary last time I had my lashes done and she is really great. She seems to really enjoy her job and takes so much time making your lashes look the best they can.

Plus her prices are much more reasonable than London.

£60 for a classic set
£75 for a full set
£25 for an hour infill

I know that sounds expensive, but compared to London it isn't

Mary took some pictures for me so I could demonstrate to you guys the difference!

These are my lashes beforehand without mascara or anything...

You lie down on a kind of massage couch, with a nice blanket over you and an electric blanket on...veryyyy cosy!

And then Mary tapes down your lower lashes. This doesn't hurt, and it doesn't pull them or anything when the tape comes off.

We used the same length lashes that I had before. Being 10mm and 12mm.

As I wear glasses anything longer than that would rub against them and also look more fake.

Some people have 18mm but I just think it looks ridiculous!

Each lash is then glued to your natural lash individually.

This means that no glue goes on your skin and your lash line stays the same so they don't look fake.

It also means that when your lashes naturally fall out the fake ones do too.

After about 2 hours I had a Classic set...

I think these look nice just like that, but Mary wanted to take pictures of a full set so I lay down for about another hour and she added more.

To be honest, at this point I fell asleep because I was so warm and cozy!

It was a bit of a shock waking up though with someone attaching things to your eyes with tweezers!

This time Mary used some new glue from NovaLash, which is meant to last longer and also requires "fluffing" when it is applied. This means that the lashes look more natural as they fan out a bit more.

She used different length lashes too from 6mm-12mm so you get a more natural look as the lashes closest to your nose aren't super long.

This glue is set with water - which is a bit different as normal glue isn't and you aren't meant to get the lashes wet for a few hours.

So they were good to go as soon as I was done!

Here is the full set...

See how there are no lashes on my eyelids, like there would be with regular fake eyelashes.

I personally think they look really natural and beautiful 

And the best bit is, when you wake up or when you go to sleep you still look really nice!

AND you don't have to use mascara on a daily basis! 

Thank you so much for my lashes Mary I love them!

Does anyone know of a reasonable priced place in London to get in-fills??

I really want to maintain them this time, but going home to Crawley each time is a bit tricky!



  1. This looks amazing! I'd love to get mine done but I can't even commit to a haircut that often haha. Maybe one day, yours look stunning and I love your necklace!


    1. Thank you :) It is quite a commitment but I'm going to try hard to keep them this time! I love my necklace too - its from H&M and you get the whole alphabet with it! xx


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