Brazil - Day 9 &10 - Rio / Christ The Redeemer

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Day 9

The 9th day was a Friday and officially the last day of our G Adventures trip!

We flew from Iguacu back to Rio and then went back to the Windsor Plaza Hotel where we had all met in the first place!

A few of us headed to the beach to sit in the sand as the sun went down and to have a final caipirinha.

The sun started to set and we decided to treat ourselves to a drink at the Copacabana Hotel. Obviously I sang the Copacabana song...I'd been singing it all trip - which I'm sure wasn't annoying at all!

After our Caipirinhas (£6 rather than the £2 on the beach - ouchhhh ;) ) we went back to the hotel to get changed.

We all went for a drink on the rooftop of our hotel to kind of toast our trip before we all parted ways.

I wore my fave BooHoo date night dress....

More info here if you're interested

Then for our final meal we went to another Brazillian BBQ restaurant where they serve you the meat fresh from the skewers, but this time it had sushi as part of the buffet so I was very happy!

Some of the others went out to Lapa afterwards (which is a kind of street party on Fridays) but I was knackered so headed to bed, ready to start the second half of my trip the next day!

Day 10

Sophie and I got up early to try and fit as much into her last day as possible.

We started with the obvious...Christ the Redeemer.

You can get the train up to Christ and queue for tickets, but if you go to the beach front in Copacabana there is a square called Praca do Lido. At this ticket office you can get a van to drive you up to Christ, a ticket to enter the park to see Christ and also your van drive back down for 55reals.

So a much simpler way of doing it than getting a cab to the train station, buying a ticket etc etc.

Unfortunately when we got there we were told that it was so cloudy that we wouldn't even be able to see Christ!

We hoped God was on our side...and waited a couple of hours to hope the clouds would burn off.

In the meantime we had a coco - ma faveeeee and I bought my brazillian bikini. It has the Copacabana pattern on it :)


We finally made it up the mountain and the clouds parted!

We got a few pics but then the clouds started to descend again.

It got to the point where you actually couldn't see Christ - that is how high up it is and how much you are actually in a cloud!

We retreated back out of the cloud and went to sit in a bar by the beach.

I had a mojito and Sophie ordered a rum and coke....
I think you can tell that they don't do measures here!!

It was a Saturday so all the locals were playing football.
They take it very seriously, with teams and kits and everything - plus they were very good!

And some of them were REALLY hot...

So it was a great afternoon really!

Sophie headed off to the airport and I got a cab over to my new hostel - Che Legarto in Ipanema.

I had an early night, read my book and decided to catch up on some sleep before starting the solo section of my trip!


  1. It looks amazing there! I would have been singing the song too haha. Love your boohoo dress, it looks lovely with a tan

    1. Thank you :) - since coming back to the UK I've just been trying to wear white everyday! xx

  2. I've always wanted to go there, the views look gorgeous! Also that white dress is so classy and flattering I love it!

    My Lovelier Days

    1. Thank you! You should go - it was an impromptu trip and was amazing! Xx


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