Brazil - Day 7 & 8 - Sao Paulo and Iguacu

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Day 7

On the 7th day we had an early rise...and by early I mean my alarm was set for 4am!!

We had about a 5 hour drive to Sao Paulo Airport so we needed to get up early in time for our lunchtime flight!

It was not the funnest...but I'm sure it was more fun for me than some members of our team who weren't feeling their best!

We got to Sao Paulo airport and split up to have some lunch before the flight.

This is where I discovered dulce de leche frappuccinos.. SO GOOD! Why on earth don't they have these in England!

Sophie and I wandered for a long time to decide on food...and ended up in Red Lobster. Where I'm sorry but the service was absolutely shocking. Bearing in mind we were in an airport you think they would have been a bit speedier with the food? We both had chicken and prawns and I know how long it takes to cook a chicken breast on a grill and I know how long it takes to cook prawns..neither of these take nearly an hour...

We finally chowed down super quickly and ran to meet the others.

The flight was quite quick to Iguacu and we headed straight to the waterfalls in Iguacu National Park when we got there.

We were pretty impressed by the waterfalls from a distance...but we hadn't seen anything yet!

We edged a little closer...

And then got to see a bit of the wildlife!
There are about a million butterflies there...some of whom are very friendly!

But then there are also the nasty looking bugs like this one!

We finally got as close as you can get on the Brazillian side...and honestly these waterfalls are overwhelming!

It was pretty wet!


And one edgy one just for luck...

That night we were all pretty knackered, but we went out to a Brazillian restaurant called Gaucho.

Not quite the same as Gauchos in London...but it was nice.

It is an all you can eat kind of place and there are a lot of these in Brazil. You help yourself to salad and rice etc and then they bring round fresh skewers of meat and carve you off pieces. The meat was pretty salty but I don't really mind that.

The star of the show though was the pineapple with sugar and cinnamon cooked on one of those skewers...sooo goooodddd mmm.

Day 8

On the 8th day we drove over the border from Brazil to Argentina to see the other side of the falls...if you thought yesterday was impressive wait for this...

We walked through the park and got to see what I'd wanted to see the day before!

They're called Quatis and they are super cute

Like a badger, racoon, fox, anteater combo..

Here is a special little black one!

They are really smart though and can smell out any food. They will literally climb on your back and open your bag if they smell food!

We also got to see some more butterflies...

They have some huge ones, but I particularly liked this one as he came and settled on my back.

You had to walk over loads of walkways to get to the waterfall above which I must admit made me a bit nervous...especially when you saw the below which used to be one of the walkways but it got destroyed when the river rose last year.

You could also see bits of the walkways which had broken off and were lodged further down the river!

A bit unnerving!

We walked along to another section of the waterfalls and this time the ledges weren't suspended over the river so it felt a bit safer!

This was my favourite bit - the waterfalls are just so beautiful...

We also got to stand on a walkway right at the edge!

You would not want to fall in that!!

We paused for lunch and then got ready for our boat ride. This was an additional £40 and at the last minute I decided to do it.

You basically go in a boat as close as you can get to the waterfall and you don't just get a bit get DRENCHED

You are given a big plastic sack to put all your stuff in and you fasten it so nothing gets wet...

This is the theory...

At the end of the boat trip I could pour water out of the bag and all my dry clothes and things were wet!

Luckily I left my passport and ipod in the van!

Not using a selfie stick...just holding on!

That big patch of mist and water? That's what we went into!

We were drenchedddd
but that was quite nice as it was so hot!

We headed home and Sophie and I sat by the pool drinking caipirinhas

Maybe too many caipirinhas??

But can you ever have too many? No!

We then got ready for dinner and discovered our mutual love of Lil Kim!

We went out for dinner with a few of the others and casually ordered a jug of caipirinhas...

....this is the moment when I fell asleep on the table...

But you can't blame me - the waterfalls were a lot to take in right?

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