Brazil - Day 6 - A boat trip in Paraty

Monday, 9 March 2015

Day 6

Fortunately Sophie felt a bit better in the morning so she decided to come along on the boat trip round the islands surrounding Paraty.

This was my favourite day of the whole trip so I´m glad she got to experience it!

We walked into town and learnt a bit about the history.

The streets are all cobblestones which were brought over from Portugal. They were to balance the boats before the boats took gold back to Portugal. So the amount of cobblestones on the floor is the same amount as the gold they took back!

You can see that the streets are a bit wet...this is because the town floods at night when the tide comes in. The doorsteps are quite high too to accomodate this. In the old days people just threw their rubbish into the street at night and the tide washed it away which is a bit gross..

Another little fact for you...The streets are curved. This is because pirates used to target this area and it meant the locals could run away round the corners and be out of sight.

You can see from this picture, below, that this street has no low level windows...thats because all these houses used to be brothels for the sailors!

It is a really beautiful place with some great shops too that sell Haivianas for a fiver!

We then headed over the dock to get on our boat... and sailed out to sea ready to reach the first beach...

On the way though we were greeted by the most pleasant surprise ever!!
The captain pointed out that there were dolphins in the distance to our right. You could just make out their fins...

Then they got closer and closer to the boat until there were about 15 or 20 swimming alongside our boat! It was incredible...

My pictures do not do justice!

But Matt's does!
Matt and his wife Whitney were on our trip as a babymoon! Whitney won it on Wheel of Fortune!

There was even a baby dolphin swimming between two adults! You can see it in Matt's picture ^

Once the dolphins had swam away (because of a silly speed boat) we carried on to the first beach.

This private island has houses on it that you can rent and it was the place Edward and Bella stayed on their honeymoon in the Twilight Saga!

My selfie stick got some good use!

We reached the beach and Florencia and I jumped off the top of the boat!

Which was actually terrifying... I'm not great with heights and all the water went up my nose!

We swam over to the beach and I did the standard tourist thing...

After a swim and a caiparinha in the sea we moved on to the next beach...

This one was less secluded but still very beautiful...

Please let me introduce you to Captain Sexy.


We watched him do capoeira on the beach which was bloody amazing!

He just did endless backflips and handsprings in a row and we all sat in the shallow water like pervs watching him.
Especially as I had my waterproof camera

I will try and add the pics to this blog once I've unpacked and found my cable

Our final stop was in a beautiful bay surrounded by forest...

We went for a dip...

and then admired the view...

The (brave) ones then took a boat to the shore

Climbed up the cliff...

and then jumped!

Very very brave!

The light started to fade away and we sailed back to the docks...

I'm not naked - promise!

It was literally the most amazing day ever!


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