Brazil - Day 5 - Paraty

Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 5

On Day 5 we sadly said goodbye to our little log cabin house in Ilha Grande and headed back on the boat to Angra.

From there we spent a couple of hours (I think - all the car time blurs into one!) and drove to Paraty.

Our hotel in Paraty was so so beautiful. The front kind of looked like a white front house you would find in the Mediterranean

but then inside was a little slice of paradise!

How pretty is that..

We dumped our bags and drove straight to a Afro Brazillian community.

Before learning about the community we all sat and had a traditional Brazillian lunch which was really good. I had a kind of prawn stew with rice but there was also pork and beans and lots of farofa which is a kind of toasted flour which makes food richer. When the community started they lived off the land so tried to make the food a bit more exciting and rich with farofa. It is a very traditional Brazillian food and it comes with most things you order in a restaurant.

After lunch we went and sat upstairs and listened to a lady tell us about the community (or actually listen to Florencia translate!)

The whole community descended from three women who were brought over as slaves from Africa. They worked at three big estates in this area. Their case is different from most  as they didn´t escape slavery they were given freedom. The estate owners moved out of the area so gave their land to the slaves and gave them their freedom. This was 330 years ago and the community has only just managed to get a lawyer to prove that the land belongs to them.

The community now consists of about 500 people and they live off the land and trade the fruits they grow and the goods they make to buy the things they can´t grow.

The thing I found most interesting was how old they live to be. Because they live a healthy way of life they live longer. The lady told us that her grandmother had died 4 years earlier at the age of 110.

Apparenty one of the original three women died at the age of 135.

We then had a tour of the community and got to see some of the fruits they grow. 

I had never thought about how avocados grow...apparently it is on a tree!

These were a weird plant. If you squish one seed it is literally bright orange. They use it to colour food.

By this point it was boilingggg plus a few people had been ill on this day, so we headed back to the hotel.

And had some pool time :)

That evening Sophie and I got ready for dinner all prepared to be on time to meet our group at reception...we then realised we were meant to meet in town not reception! Very proud though, we walked all the way there anddd found the right restaurant.

The evening didn´t turn out so well for Sophie though as she hadn´t been feeling well earlier and it just got progressively worse and she ended up going home..

A few caipirinhas later some of us ended up at a street bar drinking more caipirinhas, singing Copacabana and trying not to make eye contact with creepy Brazillian men

Obviously if they looked like this dream that we got to meet the next day we wouldn´t have minded!

 But that is a whole other story!


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  2. Ohhh this looks like such a fun time! I love Brazil and I hope I get to go back soon. Lovely photos you've shared!

    XO naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

    1. Thank you :) It was so amazing - I want to go to Colombia or Argentina next! xx


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