Brazil - Day 4 - Lopos Mendez, Ilha Grande

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Day 4

On Day 4 we woke up in our beautiful little huts and got ready for a hike...yes a hike. A proper hike across rocks and hills and jungle and craziness.

Are you impressed? I am not the hiking type!

I love our little huts!

We had delicious fresh fruit for breakfast too so it literally felt like paradise!

It took about an hour and a half to hike up the mountain through the jungle. This bit was the hardest because of the incline and my god we were all sweating buckets!

At the top we were treated with this view...

We then had to walk back down the other side of the mountain. 

There were a few slips - especially as I was just wearing my keds...but I take comfort in the fact other people in proper trainers slipped too!

We got to the first beach...which was perfectly nice, but as we were at the back of the group we had no chance to rest before continueing on...whereas those at the front had had a while. So me and Florencia made an executive decision to hang back....once we had absailed down a rock that is.

I did not sign up for absailing.

I am exagerating slightly. It was a smooth rock maybe three metres high and to get down you had to hold a big rope and walk down backwards.

Not good in my slippery keds!

We then walked another 45 mins to the next beach. 

And then finally 20 mins to Lopos Mendez.

I thought I might be disappointed and that it would look like every other beach we had passed.

But no...

Literal Paradise.

The colour of that sand and sea was worth the hike. The sand was so fine that it squeeks like snow under your feet.

We found the others, dumped our stuff and ran into the sea. It was so nice to be in such clear warm water and to no longer be sweaty!!

The beach is hidden and boats can´t access it - I think because of the depth of the water, but you can get a boat to the previous beach and just walk the 20 minutes bit to Lopos Mendez. I however think that is cheating. We earnt that beach!

We spent the day in the water and lying on the beautiful sand until it was time to head back.

There was no way we were hiking back so we paid 20 reals for a speedboat to take us. Thats about 5 pounds. Worth it not to hike again!

Sophie and I then showered and headed out for a caipirinha and a starter to tide us over before dinner. Bearing in mind we had basically had fruit for breakfast and crisps for lunch.

We went to the same place as the previous evening and sat right on the beach front...

Thing is the chicken stirfry we got was so big that even though we shared it we werent hungry for dinner! 

We went back to the room to read and left the others to it. We were so knackered from the hike that Sophie fell asleep at 8.30... I managed to hold out to 9.30.... a wild night in Brazil!

I wish we could have stayed longer in Ilha Grande. It was just so beautiful, the next day we left to go to Paratay...but that´s a whole other blog post!

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