Brazil - Day 3 - Ilha Grande

Monday, 2 March 2015

Day 3

On the morning of day 3 we got up early to drive down to Angra to get the boat across to Ilha Grande.

It was a couple of hours by van and we stopped off midway to use the facilities...not very nice facilities really. I should have brought my shewee Father Christmas got me! I´m sure he will be disappointed to hear I didn´t bring it!

Despite the gross loos the view was pretty amazing...

We continued onto Angra, paused for a coconut icelolly (the best onessss mmm) and then got the boat to Ilha Grande.

I tell you something trying to get onto a boat with a huge backpack on your back is no easy thing!

After about an hour and forty five we arrived at Ilha Grande.

This place is so quaint. Literally the main street is just a dirt track and no cars are allowed on the island. It makes it feel very old and the scenery is just stunning. 

It reminds me of Jurassic Park and it is so nice that the natural beauty is unspoiled.

Our hotel in Ilha Grande was really cool.We each had our own little cabin...

Surrounded by banana trees...

We dumped our bags and headed straight to the beach. We went to the black beach... not sure the real name...but the sand is black because of the minerals brought down from the mountains. All the black sand is magnetic too so if you held a magnet to it you could pick it up...pretty cool.

You can see at the top of the beach the sand is black...

After a quick swim we went on a some super creepy ruins.
When immigrants came to Brazil they were quarentined on Ilha Grande. I think the story is if they survived  40 days they could go onto the mainland.

When they were here though they had to live in these cells which are still there today as ruins and still smell of death!

We also saw the old aqueducts and a private fresh water pool where the locals were swimming.

It was pretty cold in that pool so I didn´t brave it. If I lived there though I would totaly take crates of drinks to that pool and have pool parties...maybe they would be even better than Vegas ones....maybe...

On the walk back we saw some of the monkeys which are really common here. They are a pest and are basically like squirrels to us. I did feel like a St James Park Tourist cooing at the squirrels when I was watching them!

Sophie and I then headed back, got ready for dinner and went for a pre dinner Caipirinha- they´re only about 2 pound fifty...this brazillian keyboard has no pound signnnn...

Something to realise about Brazil is that there is something called Brazillian time...aka everyone is very slow and relaxed. Which is nice, but being a londoner I am a bit impatient... I need to learn to relax! Sometimes though you just want your drink now rather than in half an hour...

I will give him credit for the flower though!

For dinner we met our group and went to a beachfront restaurant. It had all these cute lit up umbrellas and we took off our shoes and buried our toes in the sand.

I also thought it was nice that each table had its own bottle of mozi spray! The bugs here were apparently quite bad but I never really get bitten so I didn´t notice!

I shared two startes and some olives with one of the ladies from the trip, but it was still a huge amount of food. All the portions are massive here! 

We had garlic prawns and fried fish cubes which are a traditional food here. It was yum, but I do find quite a lot of the stuff is fried here. It is easier if you eat the main courses as there are a lot more stews etc but they were so big I couldn´t even consider it! You would have to share with three others!

The caipirinhas were good though!

Its fair to say I ended up with a fair few umbrellas in my bag / hair that night...

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