Brazil - Day 15 &16 - The final Rio days

Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 15

Just a tad hungover we went on a City tour to try and fit as many of the sights in as we could.

I'd already seen the Redeemer...but not on a sunny day.

This day was boilinggggg but so beautiful.

We then headed to Santa Teresa which is the kind of old town
This bar served caipirinhas and all those bottles are different types of cachaca.

I thought Santa Teresa would be more beautiful to be honest. I liked it but I didn't think it was anything crazy exciting.
That's probably very rude.

Our next spot, however, was crazy exciting.

We pulled up at the Metropolitan Cathedral of Rio

And went inside to see frankly the most amazing Cathedral I've ever seen!

I think the pictures speak for themselves

Our next stop was the steps in lapa.

The story is that a man called Jorge SelarĂ³n started renovating the steps in 1990 and covering them in tiles. He used colours from the Brazillian flag and then also red as he loved porsches!

Unfortunately, once he finished the steps he committed suicide on them in 2013 not a happy end to that story!

Our final stop was Sugarloaf.

We raced - literally raced - to get to the top of the mountain before sunset so that we could see the view in sunlight as well as at night.

It was worth it...

As the sun set, the lights of Brazil appeared and we got to see it in all its glory.

If you go to Sugarloaf deffo go at sunset which was about 7pm when I went

Below is how bright the moon crazy is that. No filter or anything!

As it was our final night we headed out for a nice dinner and called it a night

Day 16

On my final day I spent the entire day in the sun....the entire day. 

I just wanted to get as tanned as possible!

Then it was time to head back to the airport ready to leave the amazing country that Brazil is and return to freeezinnnng England!

It was an insanely amazing trip - I hope you enjoyed my blogs about it...I feel like I've been writing them forever!

I've got lots of other blogs lined up which won't make you sun-jel!

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