Brazil - Day 13 &14 - Rio

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 13

After the very late night/early morning the day before, I had plans of grandeur to get up for breakfast...that just wasn't realistic.

I got up mid morning and headed off to get some acai.

I hadn't had the opportunity to try any yet and everyone said I had to.

Acai is a berry which is meant to be some kind of crazy super food which also helps with weight loss....apparently.

They sell it everywhere either as a smoothie or as a kind of thick sorbet.

I went for the kind of sorbet version with banana and granola.

It is a flavour I just can't describe but I love it - especially with the crunch of granola in it.

I headed off to the beach with Hiral and had a casual coco, we then made plans to go to SugarLoaf late that day.

Our plans of grandeur failed slightly...We went off to get some food and then paused for a treat!

mmm dulce de leite crepesssss YUM

We then got the bus to SugarLoaf.

But here is where we failed.

A girl who worked in the hostel said you get off at the last bus stop...this is a lie. You do not.

We therefore got the bus all the way to the end and then hung around to wait for a bus all the way back... WILD

You can see from the pictures that it was cloudy though, so it was probably best we missed doing the mountain on this day...

That night we just called it a night and got some dinner. The night before had taken its toll!

Day 14

I actually was dedicated to the tanning on my second to last day and got up early.

Grabbed a coco - obvi and got on the tannnn.

The girls and I then went shoppingggg.

I wanted to go to Sephora so we headed to the shopping centre in Copacabana.

Unfortunately I didn't appreciate the mark up in Brazillian prices.

So there was a NARS blush I wanted in the UK called Madly. At duty free it was £18.50.

In Brazil it was the equivalent of £35!

So there was no makeup shopping for me! I did buy some havianas though - these are about the only things which are cheap to buy in Rio. How cute are these cat ones and Frozen ones!

I wanted both but I settled for a nice bronzey gold pair which will go with more things!

We also went to all the swimwear stores and I was very nearly convinced by another brazillian bikini...but I left it. I need to get used to normal bikini bottoms again :(

After our day off we decided on another big night out!

I got ready a bit earlier than the other girls and went down to the bar with my new roommate who actually spoke English - shocking!

We ran into two English girls form another hostel and got on it early!

We even got into the carnival spirit!

The other girls came down and we headed to another Hostel which had a nightclub in it.

I was pretty excited when I spotted the facepainting man...I am all about the facepaintttt.

We had such a fun night, even got to dance some salsa!

Problem is as you can see from the below...and read from my previous blog post... Brazillian men like to try and kiss you without asking!

So dancing with them is like trying to bat someone away!

Regardless we had an awesome night - these girls were too fun!

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