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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Day 11

This was my first day travelling alone, so I had a bit of a lie in (accidentally missed breakfast) and headed out into Ipanema.

Ipanema is to the West of Copacabana and is a bit less touristy.

There is a massive shopping centre just a few blocks from the beach called Leblon, so I headed that way in search of food!

I was pretty pleased that I found the Brazillian version of Nandos - so I had a drink and read my book before it got to 12 so I could order.

Then I ordered some yummmmy chicken with broccoli rice and farofa.

I need to try and make broccoli rice at home because I literally love it, and it is probably very simple!

After lunch I wandered around the shopping centre, got a Starbucks, used the internet and then I headed to the beach.

I got to wear my new bikini and work on my bum tan!

I'm pretty impressed with my bum tan right now and am concerned about having to go back to a normal bikini on other holidays....maybe I can just get away with a thong for ever....
Maybe not...

I just spent the entire afternoon on the beach and had a pretty relaxing day reading and listening to music.

I am definitely a sunseeker. When I'm older and I've paid off my mortgage I'm going to marry someone and move abroad to the sun

Or maybe I will just have a lot of holidays!

That evening I was due to meet the guy who stood me up on day 1

Now the question much detail do I give...

I am usually pretty honest on this blog (especially when it comes to men) so let's give it a go!

I met this guy in an area called Flamengo and went to his for some drinks and shisha

Where I got to meet his beautifulllll dog

How gorgeous is that dog.

Too gorgeous that's the answer.

Anyway it got late, I was failing at blowing smoke rings, he was trying to show me...wandering into the streets of Rio at 2am didn't seem a good idea....and I ended up staying over...

But nothing like what you're thinking happened so no judging please...

These Brazillian men are pretty forward so I just tried to make him keep his hands to himself!

Day 12

The next morning I headed back to my hostel in time for breakfast and went off to the beach with a girl called Hiral who I'd met the day before.

When I arrived all 10 of the girls in my dorm...apart from me...were Portugeuse. So meeting Hiral who was English was a breath of fresh air as I could actually communicate!

We went down to the beach and had a morning coco #standard

Now here is where something a bit odd happened. And I am aware that this blog post of these two days makes me sound like a bit of a whorebag...but I'm not.

I'm sure I could have been much much worse as some people I met were...

One guy told me that he had been travelling for 10 months and he regularly slept with girls if they had aircon...because he didn't want to pay for an aircon room.

How dirty is that...

And he was proud of it...

He also proceeded to tell me about an orgy he had with his mate and a load of girls...again not impressed.

You are genuinely just dirty!

This (quite hot) guy came up to me on the beach and asked in Portuguese whether I would do the suntan lotion on his back.

I'm sure his friend who he was with could have done it for him...but heyho I did it for him.

He had some really beautiful tattoos so it was actually quitenice to see them up close!

He went back to his towel and I carried on sunbathing thinking nothing of it

Then a bit later on he came up to me again. He had translated on his phone for me "see you later beautiful" and kissed me goodbye on each cheek

All perfectly harmless, but a bit over friendly.

He then full on snogged me

Talk about a facerape

I mean I obviously kissed him back, would be rude not to.

But it just shocked me how forward Brazillian men are!

I didn't expect to see him again...but that afternoon I walked into the hostel and guess who was sitting right there!

How uncomfortable!

He asked for my instagram and we chatted for a bit...all over google translate of course!

He couldn't speak a word of English...

Was cute though!

Hiral's friend Neha arrived at the hostel (she had been staying somewhere else) and we all went out for a late lunch and made plans for that night.

A glow party was advertised in the we thought we'd give it a go!

I wore my denim forever 21 shorts and a black body from misguided

We got to the club (Mariuzinn) at about 11.30pm and I was adamant that we get painted.

If there is ever the option of facepaint I ALWAYS want it!

The club had the strongest caipirinhas ever and a really cool live band who played samba music and then also more current international music

Obvi they loved us...

The music at this place was so good and we danced until the very early hours

Even got the treat of seeing some man pick up three prostitutes and pay one of them right in front of us.

Morbid fascination - it was grossss

We headed back to Ipanema and wandered in search of food.

Satisfied with chips we were in bed before 5.

The best night yet!


  1. This is hilarious! "facerape" haha and I love that you are "concerned" about wearing a normal bikini now...joker! xx


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