Brazil - Day 1 & 2 - Rio

Sunday, 1 March 2015

I'm not sure if I mentioned my New Years resolutions in a blog post....I think I did. 

But the main one was to have an adventure.

Not just a little adventure a big one. To South America!

I figured I'd never been there, always wanted to go, and would plan it for around May or June to be my main summer holiday.

Well I then realised when Brazils summer I booked it for 50 days later - the 19th Feb!

I tried hard to do what I did in Florida and blog the days as I go, but the internet here is intermittent and blogging on an IPAD is the hardest thing ever! I´m now on about day 10 of my trip whilst I write this and I´m staying in a hostel, so I finally have access to a computer!

Day 1

I got up at about 7.30 to leave the house at 8.15 to go get the tube.

Thanks Katie for letting me use your bagggg xxx

The tube route to Heathrow is actually so easy. You could get the Heathrow Express but it works out about a tenner more expensive and the holiday cost enough as it is!

I went bus from Battersea to Sloane Square, district line to South Ken then Picadilly line the rest of the way to Heathrow Terminal 5.

It only took about an hour and 15 so that was easy!

When I got to Heathrow and then did all the boring in check in stuff which I'm sure you don't need to read about, then went to get some breakfast!

I went to Giraffe and decided to be healthy. I do have to wear a bikini after all!

Granola, fruit and iced coffee. Although Jess this was nothing on our american iced coffees!

I wandered around duty free for a bit and bought my friend Daisy's birthday present which I literally love and want for myself but I'm not saying what it is as she reads this!!

Even though I brought two books and a kindle I also bought a new book. I read the back of it and just knew it was for me. It's called The Wrong Knickers by Bryony Gordon. The worrying thing is there are actual things in it that I've said before! Its like Bridget Jones but more modern day. A single girl in her 20s in London who thought she would be married by now!

Ive read all of it now and I think it's really good! Many true facts lol! I recommend it!

On the plane I watched Gone Girl (not as good as I've read the book so there was no surprise) Paddington (sweet) and Riot Club (which as we know I love!)

11 and a half hours later I finally arrived and after the initial worry of will my bag arrive..will my transfer arrive...will my transfer take me to a Favela and kill me....I got to the hotel safe and sound.

I stayed at the Windsor Plaza in Copacabana and was told my roommate would arrive the following day. 

Taking advantage of the time alone, I slept - ready to take on Copacabana beach the next day! 

Day 2

On the Friday I had the day to myself before I met up with my group that night.
So I lotioned up and headed straight to the beach. Copacabana is pretty gorgeous and has so much opportunity for people watching! I think you can tell by the size of the bikini bottoms who is a tourist and who isn´t!

I went down the route of tourist...the kind of tourist who takes bathroom mirror bikini selfies... sorrynotsorry

I don´t know whether I´m proud or ashamed to say that as I write this I´m wearing a brazillian bikini.... I didn´t want to look like a touristttt and I wanted a tanned bum! 
10 days in and the brazillian way has got to me!

One really sensible thing I noticed here is that they have hosepipe running from the pavement to the seafront. It has little holes in it a bit like a sprinkler so you can walk on the wet sand down to the seafront and not burn your feet on the super hot sand! The sand is EXTREMELY hot!

At this point it was about 36 degrees and by one oclock it was 39! 

Problem is I was people watching with a caipirinha in hand and there was a nice I didn´t put as much cream on as I should have...the result burnt forearms, nose and back.

But just a random section on my back...which has now peeled :( 

Caipirinhas are literally delicious. They are basically cachaca (alcohol made from sugar cane) sugar and either limes or some other liquid. They are so yummy that you don´t really notice you´re drinking so when you stand up you can have I learnt later in the trip!
The one above is passionfruit!

At about 4 - when I figured I had had enough sun I went and got a coconut under an umbrealla - very civilised. They are only about a pound.

Tonight was the night I went to meet my organised group with gadventures.

I picked them for the beginning section of my trip as honestly it is easier to let someone else make all the travel plans for you. Plus it is safer to be in a group than to go solo. Plussss you have people to talk to!

There were 9 of us altogether, but my roommate Sophie hadn´t arrived yet so 8 of us met for a welcome meeting and to go through the itinerary and then about 4 of us went for dinner and cocktails afterwards.

I was due to meet a friend of a friend from home for I left the group early.

And this is where things could have gone horribly wrong...

We got our wires crossed. Or he did actually... I told him I wouldn´t have internet so I would text him when I was leaving.

I did so... unfortuantely he had imessaged me to say meet an hour later.

He failed...

So I stood on a street corner in Rio for about half an hour in a kind of street party, surrounded by people who didn´t speak English...I gave up after half an hour and got a cab home.

I didn´t get a bad vibe or feel like I was in danger plus I got to see a real bit of the Rio nightlife, but it still probs wasnt the best plan.

He text and apologised after and said he´d pick me up. I forgave him and plan to see him tonight we shall see how that goes!

It wasn´t like he left me in a Favela at least!

That night my roommate Sophie arrived at about midnight so we had a chat before heading to bed...ready to go to Ilha Grande the next day!

Apologies for the bad blogging...I´m sure its much more interesting to read about the stuff as its happening rather than with a delay... better late than neverrrr 

BIG KISS from Brazillll

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