Valentines Day and two L'Oreal Reviews (including a NARS Dupe)

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Last weekend was Valentines of my FAVOURITE days of the year...when I'm in a relationship that is!

I don't think I've been single on Valentines Day for 7 years....7 YEARS!

What the hell.

Anyway, this Valentines Day I realised that it doesn't have to be depressing and a focus on the fact you're alone...

You're not alone! Especially if you have Galentines Day! For your Gals!

My flatmate and I booked a Spa Day at the W Hotel then made plans to go out to Bodos Schloss that night!

The perfect V Day!

The W Spa was really nice and we got a deal on lastminute. An hour long massage plus a glass of champagne and use of the facilities for £85.

It was worth it - it was the best massage I've ever had! I had a guy and he had such strong hands that it was just so good.

I like having a guy masseuse, they have stronger hands than most women which means they can do it harder - or maybe I'm just a perv!

Unfortunately he costs £90 a time usually so I don't think I will be going there for a monthly massage or anything...maybe for a special treat!

The facilities were really nice, modern gym (which we did an hour in), sauna and steam room and the whole place was really clean. The only thing was there were only three changing rooms/loos/showers so on a couple of occasions we had to wait.

Apart from that I would recommend.

After our spa times we headed off to meet Franny's parents for a drink....stopping in at Superdrug on the way...this is where this blog is going...

Unfortunately I cannot go into Superdrug or Boots without spending - I have a problem!

I needed to get a new Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in medium for everyday and wanted to try and find a concealer that matched up to my NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer as I am running VERY low and don't want to pay £22 for a new one if I can help it!

I wandered about a bit and then got completely distracted.

I have heard a lot about the L'Oreal Infalliable Collection on youtube...but all those people are in America!

The only bit of the collection we've had in the UK is the foundation and I've been waiting for them to bring the primer, matte foundation and setting spray here for ages.

Why on earth do no drugstore brands in the UK sell setting spray. I have the Urban Decay one but it's expensive. I want a drugstore brandddd.

Anyway L'Oreal Infalliable!

Superdrug now sell the primer and the pro-matte foundation!

My Maybelline BB cream was forgotten and I beelined for the pro-matte foundation! I picked the colour Sand which literally matches my skin (untanned) perfectly! There was only one tube of it left so it was meant to beeee!


I stopped myself buying the primer as I have about 4 primers atm! But I did continue my search for the NARS Dupe.

I had my NARS concealer in custard with me so tested it on my hand against a few different ones.

The stand out was L'Oreal True Match in the colour 4 Natural Beige.

As you can see the NARS Concealer closest to my knuckle has a yellowy undertone, and so does the L'Oreal concealer.

In terms of colour they are pretty spot on.

The NARS concealer is slightly (very slightly) less wet I suppose is how I would describe it.
It is a bitter of a thicker consistency but I also think that is because I am literally scraping the bottle of my tube.

Although as you can see from the packaging, it looks as if there is still product in there. You just can't scoop it out with the applicater which is annoying.

Both products have a doe foot applicator and are therefore applied in the same way.

It covered and highlighted well and stayed on all evening even though I was dancing, so I would call it a success AND its only £6.99 compared to the NARS £22!

Plus as you can flashback from the concealer or foundation!

I would highly recommend both of these products!
I love finding drugstore dupes!

Have you found any recently? Comment below and tell me it you have!


  1. I like how your blog is more talkative :) I love drugstore dupes too, I have yet to try that concealer - have you tried Revlon's Colour Stay Concealer? It's my favourite drugstore one :)
    Anjna Harish

    1. Oo I haven´t I will have to look into that! xxx


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