The NutriBullet

Monday, 9 February 2015

For Christmas nearly every member of my family got a NutriBullet.

I decided that I would rather have some stuff from Jo Malone and Anastasia Beverly Hills so didn't jump on the bandwagon...but I kind of wish I had now!

I've had a cough for about a week and have just had my Yellow Fever vaccination (which, as it is a live vaccine, can give you flu or just make you feel a bit under the weather) so I'm not feeling my best.

The perfect time to kick start my immune system with a healthy breakfast!

I started with a handful of spinach (in my parents' NutriBullet)

Topped with some mixed frozen berries (which are perfect for this as berries can be quite expensive and these don't go off you just keep them in the freezer for whenever you need them!

Added a banana

Plus a tablespoon of Moringa powder

This stuff has every kind of vitamin in it that you could possibly need, it also helps detoxify your body and make it an unattractive environment for germs!

Great when you aren't feeling well!

I then added in some coconut milk although you could use orange juice

All of these ingredients could of course be substituted for anything you want!

The brilliant thing about the NutriBullet is you can put whatever is left in your fridge in there or whatever is on offer at your supermarket.

I love the taste of mango smoothies and things like that, but mangos taste so good raw and straight from the skin that I think it's a bit of a waste to put them in a smoothie.

That's just me though!

You put the kind of cup thingy on top of the bullet and push down to blend...

I've seen nicer colour smoothies...

But it tasted good!

Me and my Mum shared this one but I could easily have had it all by myself.

I just like how easy it is to make your smoothie, clean the blade and drink straight from the cup! Or make it the night before ready to take to work for breakfast.

I'm tempted to buy one of my own... I like to think it wouldn't be a fad and I would actually use it every day. I really need to get into the habit of having breakfast!

I've read good things about the MagicBullet though which is made by the same company but is about half the price at £60 rather than £100 but apparently it has less power.

Has anyone used a MagicBullet? Do you recommend it or should I go full hog and buy the NutriBullet for the extra chopping power!


  1. I have a 'blend active' which you can get for £20-25 and literally haven't found anything it can't chop yet! It's amazing!


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