Rimmel Provocalips Review

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The other day I was spending some time in bed watching YouTube videos...a common occurrence for me... and I came across That's Judy Time's review of the Rimmel Provocalips

She managed to keep the lipstick on all day and even ate dinner and kissed her children without it leaving a mark.

I must say, I was impressed. I love liquid lipsticks especially ones with staying power that don't dry out your lips.

On Friday I was perusing the makeup shelves in Superdrug - again a common occurrence. And I saw that they were two for £10

I swatched the hell out of my hand and decided on two shades:

550 Play with Fire

And 230 Kiss Fatal

I think the names are cute :)

One end is the lipstick colour with a doefoot applicator

Do you like my phone case...

And the other end is a "sealant" with a doefoot applicator. 
You don't need to top up the lipstick throughout the day, but you do use this kind of lipbalm to keep your lips moist.

It tastes like fruit salad sweeties! Which I LOVE! 

I applied one layer of the lipstick 

Let it dry...

Then added another.
The colour match is pretty dead on!

 This was at 4.24pm

I then casually made a cup of tea.... 

And as you can see... 

Was impressed by the lack of imprint! 

I hate it if you go on a date take a sip from your wine glass and leave a big lipstick mark.
I think it looks trashy.

Men shouldn't realise that your lips actually aren't a beautiful plummy purple colour all by themselves.

Same goes for foundation. You can't leave a mark on their white shirt or pillowcases (sorry Oli) because your face naturalllly looks airbrushed and contoured.

These are my real cheekbones...

Moving on...
I ate some hummus and pitta bread at about 6.30pm and my lips looked like this afterwards.


But if I pouted and pushed my lips out you could see the middle bit had rubbed off.

To be honest, if I had used a normal lipstick it would have been much worse. So this doesn't bother me that much - if you are eating part of it is bound to come off, especially on the bit of your lip that gets wet.

That sounds a bit gross.

Anyway, I reapplied a bit of the lipstick in the middle section of my lips and headed off to Stars of Salsa which is a Salsa Event in London.

I didn't reapply.
Only used the lipbalmy end twice...

And at 00.25 (eight hours later) when I got home this was the result. 

Pretty good I would say!

Now I wasn't kissing anyone, nor was I eating.
But I was drinking all night!

Therefore I am really impressed!

The next evening I tried out the red at about 7pm

I really like the colour.
I used two coats and it did turn out a bit darker than it looks in the tube so bear that in mind.

Fortunately I like dark reds much more than bright ones. And I'd already swatched it in Superdrug so knew what to expect.

I actually forgot to put the lipstick in my bag, so I didn't use the lipbalm end once...

And at 2.21am (7 and a half hours later)

My lips looked like this.

I again wasn't kissing anyone or eating. But I was drinking all evening.

I am so impressed with these.

Eight hours and seven and a half hours with no touch ups?


In fact I was so impressed that I wore the purple one again to brunch on Sunday.

And even when eating naughty breakfast food it didn't really budge!

Conclusion: I would definitely recommend these! Especially for a date as they just don't budge. Plus they didn't dry out my lips like some liquid lipsticks do!

My only word of warning is that they are HARD to get off. Like not exaggerating. You cannot get them off.

A makeup wipe is useless, as is makeup remover.

The answer? Use some olive oil on a piece of kitchen roll, or any oil based makeup remover - then rub!

That is the only thing that will get it off!

Let me know if you buy any - especially if you pick a different shade to me as I'd love to see some other swatches!

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