Review: Benefit - Push Up Liner

Friday, 13 February 2015

The Benefit Push Up Liner promises great is the first ever gel liner pen and is meant to be super long lasting, waterproof and generally awesome.

I hate to say this...but I hate it!

My friend Fran bought this when we were at the Benefit Pop Up at Frozen at Hampton Court

She really didn't get on with it so she handed it on to me to have a go with.

I know that's not hygienic blablablaaaa. But acutallllly one benefit of this eyeliner is the gel comes out in a pen type form, so it is really hygienic, just give it a wipe between each person. Very good for make up artists in that respect!

Now in terms of staying power this eyeliner delivers!

I drew it on my hand to test it out and see how it worked and I literally struggled soooo bad to get it off!

It looked very promising...matte, very black and can be drawn in a variety of thicknesses.

But when it comes to using it on your eyes it is just so hard to do!

You basically wind up the bottom and the gel starts coming out of the tip of the pen

I tried my hardest... but look how wonky this is!

I mean that looks bad...


I then tried to thicken it up to make it neater...

Which kind of worked but then it was way too thick!

This gets a serious thumbs down from me!

I didn't even bother doing the other eye!

On the plus side it was really hard to get if you can master how to use this pen system then your eyeliner will stay on all day

For me though this was a negative as I was stuck with this wing on my eye!


  1. I admit, at first try I hated it! So I left it two weeks, then I went back to it, due to the hype surrounding it, had a few practises and now I love it! So try having a practise in a few days and see if you can master it. I find it really easier compared to other liners, and the matte black is perfect for me.
    Such as shame the first impression is the worst!

    1. I really wanted to like it. I will keep trying at your recommendation! Hopefully it gets easier. I hate giving a bad review! xxx


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