Game of Thrones Exhibition - Sky Atlantic at The O2

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

On Monday The Game of Thrones Exhibition arrived at The O2! 

Now I'm a serious Game of Thrones fan! And when I heard the Exhibition was coming to London I knew I needed to get tickets.

Only Sky Customers could get tickets and only two were allocated per customer. Fortunately my parents have Sky so I used their ID and got my two free tickets.

Now I'm not sure why this was free... Sky could have charged £10 or £20 a ticket and it still would have sold out.

If they aren't bothered about the money perhaps they should have charged £10 a ticket and given it to a Charity. That just seems sensible to me...

But hey I'm not complaining, I got two free tickets!

I decided to take my friend Jo as she is also a massive fan and it is her birthday on Thursday so it was nice for us to do something for that.

The Exhibition is on from 9th-12th Feb and 15th-17th Feb and I'm pretty sure its sold out.

So as not many people are going to get to see it I thought I take pictures of everythinnnggg and do a blog!

We arrived 15 minutes early for our 6.30pm slot and queued for about half an hour to get into the exhibition

In the queue everyone was given a card and a login. 

You basically log in online to your "Companion website" and pick your House.

I would usually go Targaryen but as I was wearing fur I went for Stark!

The idea of the Companion Website is that when you have a photo taken or an interactive experience within the exhibition it is uploaded to your webpage

You start across the Narrow Sea...

With Daenerys and her dragons!

Missandei's dress...

And Daenerys...

Jorah Mormont's Sword...

You then head North.. to the Starks!

Sansa's dress

Ice - Ned Stark's Sword
Needle - Arya Stark's Sword
And one of Arya's costumes

At this point we had the chance to be burnt by a dragon...

It was basically a green screen where you were counted down over 5 seconds whilst you acted as if a dragon was breathing fire on you.
They then super imposed it with the dragon and everything and it was uploaded onto your "Companion webpage".

...I wouldn't know though as ours still isn't on my webpage! 
So I've tweeted a complaint, we shall have to wait and see whether I actually get it!

Moving South into Kings Landing...

The Mountain's Sword! 

And his uniform...

My boyf Oberyn Martell's costume

And Ellaria Sand...

Time to meet the Lannisters...

Jamie's golden hand... 

Joffrey and Margaery's crowns 

The Hand of the King Pin!

First for Ned, then Tyrion and Tywin

Sansa's necklace that she wore to Joffrey and Margaery's wedding!

Jamie and Cersei...

Joffrey and Margaery

and Tyrion and his crossbow!

Then it was time to be made into white walkers!

We gave our Companion number and stood infront of a green screen...

We were then told to do three poses...


Here are the results (which were uploaded to our "Companion")

Pretty similar?

Time to head to the Wall

Where Stannis and Melisandre are hanging out... 

Trying to get the King beyond the Wall and all that...

Jon Snow was there... 

As was Samwell Tarly 

At this point we had the option of queueing for an hour to go in a simulater thingy to go up to the top The Wall...

We gave it a miss because of the queue and headed back to Kings Landing for a pic on the Iron Throne...

I spotted my boyf on the way... 

And then took my place on the throne :)

The experience was really fun, I'm glad I got to do it, especially as it was free!!


  1. This looks amazing!! The picture of you on the iron throne is the best! Wish I was a Sky customer!! :)

    1. Thank you :) Fortunately I have parents who are! Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to go! xx


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