An Evening at Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

Friday, 6 February 2015

A couple of weeks ago my friend Fran emailed me to say that Book A Table were having a deal at Crazy Bear.

The deal is a 10 plate premium tasting menu for £29.50 per person. It is available lunchtime Tuesday-Saturday or dinner time Monday-Saturday until 11th April 2015.

This tasting menu is usually £59.50 per person! So this is a pretty good deal!

We booked a table for 6.30pm on Wednesday and headed downstairs to the bar first. It is quite a dark bar, really modern, with booths as well as tables. Lots of mirrors pretty cool!

We both thought it would be appropriate to have a cocktail first before dinner!

I had the Orient Express - Vodka, Passoa, lychees, raspberries, mint and ginger 
Fran had the Strawberry and Basil Mule - Vodka, creme de fraise, basil, strawberries and ginger beer.

Both were delicious!

Time for dinner - we were taking back upstairs by a really friendly waiter and sat in a corner. Again the decor is very modern and dark - I like it!

Wednesdays at Crazy Bear are champagne Wednesdays which is right up our street so we started with a bottle of house rose champagne. 

The deal is that any bottle of champagne is half price! So a bottle was £25 rather than £50. So we basically got a bottle of champagne for the price of two cocktails - it would have been rude not to!

The first of many courses were some thai shrimp crackers

Followed by edamame

Both portions were really generous bearing in mind it was a tasting menu

Next it was time for some sushi - my favourite bit!

Prawn, tuna and then a trio of salmon, tuna and seabass - it had a kind of crispy exterior and was the best one!

At this point we actually both said that we would be happy finishing dinner then - I think if you go for the tasting menu make sure you are really hungry and don't fill up too much on the crackers and edamame!

Next it was time for dumplings.
Now I'm not sure about dumplings...
I think they are a weird texture like skin! 

But these were actually the best ones I've ever had. 
The first one was prawn and scallop - which was delicious
Then I tried the shitake chive and carrot one.. which also wasn't too bad.
But then I had the pork and prawn one and I just did not enjoy it!

I think I am the wrong person to review dumplings! Fran really liked them!

We had a little pause, and I nipped downstairs to the loos.

I wish I had taken my phone to take a picture.

They are behind a mirror with no handle, so you have to push it and you enter a completely mirrored room, very hard to work out whats what! Very cool though with a kind of waterfall rather than taps which goes through to the boys room.

Never know you might accidentally bump hands with a boy and meet your next boyfriend through the wash basin...
not likely...but it could happen!

Time for some more food!

Thai green curry - which was really good!

Pak Choi - again delicious

Crispy Duck Salad - which was way too spring onioney so wasn't my cup of tea

And King Prawn Pad Thai - was was really good! 
See what I mean about this place being dark!

My only complaint about the actual restaurant is there are lamps on each of your table. But they are screwed into the middle of the table, so you have less space for all the dishes and you can't move the lamp.

Apart from that though I liked it.

The food was really good and we were stuffed.
We definitely only made our way through about a third of this last lot of courses.

We asked our waiter for a break before pudding and ordered another bottle of champagne...oops!

Then it was time for pudding :)

Mojito cheesecake with calamansi sorbet

I know my Mum would have enjoyed this!

The cheesecake was a delicious flavour - just like mojitos but was a little bit too gelatinous for my taste. I wish it had been more creamy.

The sorbet though was incredible. I thought it was tangerine...Fran thought it was lemon/lime and after a debate we asked the waiter. Apparently it was calamansi - which looks like a lime but has an orange centre and when ripe turns orange.

It is basically a cross between the two flavours so this sorbet was sweet like tangerine but sour like lime and was the perfect balance.

At this point we took our champagne downstairs to sit in the bar and relax a bit following all that food!

But then we finished our second bottle of champagne, ordered some wine/pudding wine and things went downhill.

Mostly when I realised how bad my forehead lines are and that I need botox!!

I definitely would recommend Crazy Bear - for dinner or drinks - especially if there is a deal on!

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