What I Got For Christmas!

Thursday, 1 January 2015

I have been a very bad blogger.

In my defence, I've spent my Christmas between my parents house in Sussex and my Uncle's house in Norfolk....and I didn't bring my laptop.

I've tried before to blog on my IPAD (all my Florida posts were done on it) but the Blogger App is just shockingly bad.

It is so hard to import pictures and scroll and amend a blog that I just don't bother.

So I'm sorry for my tardiness...forgive me?

I did at least take lots of pictures ready for blogging and have lots of posts ready inside my brain so you will probably be sick of me in a few days!

At this time of year I really enjoy watching all my favourite youtube beauty girls doing "What I Got For Christmas" videos.

So I thought this year I would do the same...but in writing form not in video form.

Just a disclaimer...I'm not showing off and bragging about what I got, but I love being nosy and seeing what other people got so hopefully some of you will enjoy reading this!

Lets start with what I got from Father Christmas!

On Christmas morning Father Christmas has always left a book at the end of our beds. It means we have something to open first thing as soon as we wake up and we are distracted for a while until it is time to go and wake up my parents. 
A very clever trick!
I always used to get the Dandy Annual and my brother got the Beano Annual.
As we grew up the books got a bit more wordy - normally in my case an autobiography of some trashy celeb!

This year though I got this!

I've actually seen these before because a youtube girl mentioned one.

I was slightly sceptical...but it is actually so therapeutic!

I didn't colour in bed on Christmas morning...but then I don't wake up at 5am anymore!

So I headed downstairs to help with the cooking prep and open my stocking which hangs above the fire.

Here is what I got!

Socks and knickers are always standard from Father Christmas. I really like these purple Calvin Klein knickers, but I reckon he might have been a bit optimistic getting me a small! We shall see! I'm yet to wear them!

I also always get some form of chocolate orange, chocolate coins and fizz wiz popping candy plus razor blades.

The other bits I got are a cuticle cutter (as I always knick my mums!), tanning wipes and a bladeless kind of knife thing.

The two most exciting bits I've left until last!

I got a Juice Cube! It is so cool, you charge it up and keep the little cube in your handbag, then if your phone dies you can charge up your battery again. It also has attachments for cameras etc so you can basically charge up anything with this little baby! A very good gift!

I also got a Tile.
These are like a small white keyring and you attach it to your keys, or handbag, gym bag, golf bag! Whatever you like. 

You then download the Tile app and link the Tile to your phone. I linked mine to my house keys.

Then if you lose your keys you press on the app on your phone and your keys make a noise so you can find them. It also shows you on a map where your keys are so you know where they are if they are outside your house.

Cool huh!

Next here are the presents I got from everyone else!

The thing I think I'm most excited about is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. I have wanted one for so long and they have been out of stock! As soon as I saw it was back in stock on Cult Beauty I bought one and asked if I could have it for Christmas

Keeping with the makeup theme... I got some new eye brushes from Real Techniques which I am so pleased with! Especially the deluxe crease brush

This year I got some lovely candles too!

A Jo Malone in Peony and Blush (which is the perfume I wear) and a Diptyque candle in Tubereuse. 

This Diptyque one has the strongest smell - even before you open the box or burn it!

(Excuse my uglyyy nails!)

Jo Malone packaging is just never a let down - so pretty!

I've kept the box and displayed it in my house.

...next to my new Decanter
Which my brother and his wife got me :) 
I love it!

I also got some new wellie warmers from my ex's sister

How nice are they!
(She also got me a superdry makeup bag, mirror and lip balm...which I forgot to photograph!)

I wore them on a walk in Norfolk :)

And I got perfume from his Mum :)
My favourite perfume :)

I also got a body shop set which I am very much enjoying using!

The final thing in this pile is this beautiful necklace and matching bracelet
Its just a shame that since then it hasn't worked with he guy who gave it to me.
It is lovely though and I will still wear it anyway

I do by the way realise that I haven't been very good at my dating blogs since the summer. It has been a really difficult year man-wise so maybe 2015 will be better for me and you might get to snoop into what I'm up to!

On Boxing Day we went up to Norfolk and had a big lunch with (nearly) the entire family.

We did Secret Santa which worked amazingly!
I got these Shu Uemura Karl Lagerfeld Eyelash curlers.
Very chuffed with that!

I do feel very spoilt - I got some really nice things so thank you to everyone who gave me a gift!

What was your favourite thing you got for Christmas? Comment below and let me know! Especially if it is makeup or beauty related!

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