The Acclaimed Beauty Blender - Review

Monday, 19 January 2015

I popped into Selfridges last Friday to kill some time and wander round.

At the back of Selfridges on the ground floor they have a Henna Bar, Blink Bar, Spa, Hairdressers etc etc. They also sell certain american products including all the EOS Products, Gold Temporoary Tattoos and Beauty Blenders.

My Real Techniques Miracle Sponge is looking a bit worse for wear and has a couple of tears in so I need a new one.

I decided to upgrade.

From the Miracle Sponge (£6) to the Beauty Blender (£15).

Now I think £15 for a sponge is pretty ridiculous, but I would spend £15 on a brush so maybe that isn't so bad?

Especially as I eyed up a Charlotte Tilbury brush powder and sculpt brush for £35 earlier in the day! I decided against it though!!

I wandered over to the Beauty Blender section and checked the price online against the price in Selfridges. (Just the kind of thing my Mum would do!) Surprisingly it was more expensive on Cult Beauty and only 50p cheaper on Ebay. (Not including postage for either) So I figured it was better to buy it then and there! Plus I wanted to use it and not wait for delivery!

I decided on the original pink Beauty Blender rather than a white or black one...but then I spotted something elseeeee.

Something exciting which I knew my bestie Jess would love!!

Get ready for it....


Beautyblender Best Friends

Ooooh Football friendsssss

One for you and one for your bestie!

It comes in this cute heart

And you split it in half

And give half to your bestie!

You then get a handy case too! 

That is the thing I don't like about the original Beauty Blender - you don't get a case, so this is much more hygienic!

Jess cover your eyes! 

It was £28 for the heart rather than £15 per beauty blender so you save a pound per blender plus you get the case.

I got my Real Techniques Sponge in June... and wrote this blog about it..

I was really impressed with it, but because of the shape you can't do the same "bouncing" motion as you can with the beauty blender.

Here is a comparison of them dry:

So the RT one has a flat edge and the BB has a rounded bottom...

Then they both have a pointy tip

So here is the BB dry.. 

 And wet!

I grows by about double to three times the size and feels different to the RT one.

The RT one even when wet feels more like a normal makeup sponge whereas the BB is much more spongey.
That is a terrible can squeeze it down to be much smaller if you really squeeze it so I guess it has more bounce?

Either way it applies foundation like an absolute dreammmmm!!!!

Not to sounds arrogant but I think my makeup looks pretty nice here!

Its hard to show when there is no natural light!

But I think in terms of tools it makes my foundation or BB cream look the nicest.

Very airbrushed and you don't get the streaks that can occur with a brush.

In terms of recommendation. If I was to speak to a friend and they said they wanted a makeup sponge I would say to them spend the extra money on this occasion. 

I wash my brushes and sponges quite often so hopefully it will last me a while.

I really hope Jess likes hers! I am writing this blog in advance and not posting it until after Friday 16th (my birthdayyyy if you are wondering) as that is when I am seeing her to give her her gift!

Obviously she loved it! We both agree that our makeup looks the best its ever looked by using this sponge!

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