Recipe - Roasted Peaches with Marscapone cream

Friday, 9 January 2015

I freaking love peaches. In the summer when they are ripe and gorgeous I just want to eat them as they are with no fuss or anything that masks the yumminess of the fruit.

But in the Winter when they aren't as ripe as you might like this is a great way to make them into a delicious pudding.

(Another great way is as a crumble - my Dad does a Peach and Raspberry one which is amazing - but when I do it I add a shot of chambord (raspberry liquor) into the mix which I think adds something!)
(Another great crumble is plum and raspberry with a shot of sloe gin in the mix... mmmmm)

If you need some help with your sloe gin, check out my recipe blog:

Anyway back to roasted peaches!

You need to start with the marscapone cream (which can be made in advance)

This feeds four people

Start with half a tub of marscapone which is 125g. 

Beat in a quarter of a tub of double cream - about 75ml

Whisk this all together.

It should be quite thick still...
You can add more cream if you need

Add in half a tablespoon of vanilla extract

and two tablespoons of icing sugar

Taste it for sweetness

Cover with clingfilm and leave in the fridge until you need it...

Now the peaches

Cut each peach in half and remove the stone...which is tricky if they aren't ripe but just power through!
Lay these in a baking dish

And put a knob of butter on top of each one

Drizzle with honey...

And pop in the over for 25 mins (check on them after 15 because the riper they are the quicker they will cook)

They should be all gooey and buttery

Serve three halves per person or two halves if they are bigger peaches than the ones I had

Drizzle with some of the buttery sauce
Scoop on the marscapone cream
And drizzle with honey...

Then serve...

The cream will sort of melt a little bit


(Should have wiped the plate shouldn't I! A chef would not be impressed!)

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