Nail Swatch - Essie SoulMate

Thursday, 15 January 2015

This year (nearly) my entire family went up to my Uncle's new house in Norfolk for Boxing Day and for a few days afterwards.

(I wore this EPIC jumper from!)

When we were younger we didn't hang out with my cousins too much as one lived in Stratford Upon Avon and the other two lived in Reading.

In hindsight these places aren't actually that far away but I think our parents were pretty busy.

Now that we are older though we are spending quite a bit more time together and it is so nice! Especially as I consider them all my friends now rather than just my cousins.

Norfolk is so pretty...and I found a house I would be very happy in...shame I'm definitely a Londoner at this point in my life!

Anyway, going off track. This year on Boxing Day we did Secret Santa.

I got my cousin Lucy and heard through the grape vine that she likes dark purple nail polishes...

So I went out and bought her the colour that I had actually been eyeing up. Essie SoulMate

...I then bought it for myself too...oopsssss

Here is the colour.

How pretty is that colour!

I love Essie Nail Polishes.

Speaking of which - check out my new addition to my beauty room!

I bought it from here:

In case you fancied one of your own!
£18.50 and free delivery :)


  1. Love that colour! Monday lunchtime purchase I think..

  2. Great colour! :D
    I think that I need a stand for the nail polish too hahaha

    1. I literally love my stand! I never thought of having my own one before! xx


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