My 25th Birthday - What I Got and What I Did!

Friday, 23 January 2015

My birthday was on Friday and I was super spoilt by all the people I love :)

I thought I would do the same as I did at Christmas and let you all know what I got.

Not only might it be interesting for you all to have a snoop, but also it is quite nice to look back and remember what I got for my 25th Birthday and who got me what.

I quite like that, that blogging is a bit like keeping a diary and therefore I can look back at what I did.

My favourite at the moment is looking back at my trip to Florida in June 2014 with my bestie Jess ( )

Anyway moving onnnn...

The first treat I got to open was actually the day before my birthday. My friend Daisy wasn't in the office on my actual birthday so she brought my present in on the Thursday...

The bag obviously got me excited!!

I was super duper excited to open my first Chanel Lipstick!
One of the Rouge Allure collection in the colour Pirate

Apologies for my chipped nails...

The packaging is just gorgeous... 

You push down the flat gold top and out pops a gold square!

And the lipstick... 

This colour is stunning I cannot wait to use it...I'm saving it though, I haven't even swatched it yet so I don't mess up the top! 
Maybe this weekend!

Thank you so much Daisy! BIG KISS

The next day was my actual birthday...

and I woke up to these!

Best flatmate ever!! Who needs a man :) 
Such gorgeous flowers :) 
Thank you Francesca!

I headed off to work and got to open all my cards :)

Plus a couple of pressies!

One of my best friends Jo handed me this super cute bag...

Which contained a super cute nail varnish!  
It is the colour Belgrave Square

I put it over the top of Soul Mate by Essie - but ignore the chips it looks way nicer unchipped!

Thank you Jo Jo and Luis!

Next I opened a necklace from Oliver Bonas from my friend Fran.
It is literally stunning - I've worn it nearly everyday since.
Here it is on...

(Jess and I went out for dinner with my parents the next day)

Thank you Franny :)

Then it was time for a birthday lunch!
We went to Chotto Matte

The cuisine is Japanese/Peruvian and is literally delicious!

We had a selection of things and all shared, including the Tuna Tartar, Ceviche, Tuna, Tempura, Beef Fillet Tataki (this was the stand out dish for me), Sushi Rolls the lot!

Plus a fair few cocktails and a couple of bottles of wine!
It was so nice!

Plus they bought out a DELICIOUS caramel and chocolate fondant for my birthday

Definitely a special occasion kind of place or alternatively a place to go for cocktails after work!

If you do go, make sure to visit the loos...they are bizarre!

Perfect moment for a birthday selfie with my new necklace!

Fran and I then headed off to get party supplies and were met by my bestie Jess

Jess had already treated me to Disney On Ice for my birthday! (Epic Present)

But she did come bearing gifts from her Mama

Gold Prosecco! 

Plus a bag of treats!

This candle from the Bomb Cosmetics.. smells incredible!! 

Like really strong delicious coffee! I've put it in my kitchen 

And a Bomb Cosmetics Strawberry Fields Body Scrub 

This smells just like walking into a Lush Store - delicious!
Thank you Mama Karen

My friends BooBoo and Wig then turned up and I got to open their present.
An amazinggggg present!

A NARS Audacious Lipstick

This lipstick also has a really cool opening.

The bottom is magnetic so it kind of pulls the top back on.
Hard to explain!

The colour is Anita and it is STUNNING 

I love it so much.
I'm wearing it in my Kylie Jenner Lip Blog

It was then time to get ready for the party!

I literally loved my makeup!

Can you guess what Disney character I am??

If you want a tutorial on this makeup look let me know in a comment below...

I hand made my outfit...I hope you appreciate that! 

Olaf turned up 

As did Boo from Monster Inc!

Bagira made an appearance

And Thumper came for a sleepover

Time for another pressie :) Flatmate Francesca - the Minion got me the coolest thing for our house!
A welcome mat! To replace the plain ugly one we currently had.

That's what happens when you become a home owner - things like a welcome mat really excite you!
I love it thank you Francesca!

Franny not only got me the gorgeous necklace I mentioned up there ^^
But also got me a seriously yummy cake

I had a really fun evening (even though I stressed a bit about being the hostess) and it was so nice that everyone came.

It ended up a bit wild though...
twerk twerkkkk

The next day we tidyed up, went for brunch and shopping and then Jess and I returned home to meet my parents.

Here are the presents they got me:

My Daddy is an amazing photographer, and we discussed prior to my birthday which pictures of his I would like on my walls.

I'm really pleased with the ones we picked (and my Daddy had framed as my main present)

This lion mouth is at the end of my bed (to scare off boys apparently!)

And the leopard is above my sofa
Both photos are from my parents safari a few years ago

My Grandma gave me money and earlier in the day I bought this perfume as my gift from her.
YSL Black Opium

It smells really good! It's not very floral and is an evening perfume I think

According to the internet it is a "glam rock perfume full of mystery and energy"

Sounds like a night out perfume to me! 

I also got (from my parents)
A big bottle of my favourite Jo Malone Perfume 

Peony and Blush Suede - this is my signature perfume for day to day.
I love it and I was running low! 

I also got an Elemis Eye Rescue (which I am yet to use)

Onion Goggles which are Lollssss

Champneys Soap and Lotion for my bathroom 

And a Neal's Yard Calming Reed Diffuser
I have this next to my bed and it smells so good.
Quite similar to my This Works Pillow Spray 
I really really enjoy this

My final present from my parents was for that vain girl who hides away inside of me...

A light up zoom in mirror - I've wanted one of these for ages!

Thank you Mummy and Daddy!

My final present to open was from my friend Emily. She brought it into work on Monday!
Havaianas! Perfect for my trip to Brazil!!!

Which I'm going on in a month...EEP! I now have flipflops and bikinis...what else could I possibly need to pack! 
Thank you Emily :)

Thanks to everyone who sent me a card and made my birthday so special 

And if you think my Disney party seems a bit lame...F you. 

Plus I went out the next night (with a boyyy oo!) and am out this Saturday - got to drag the birthday out for as long as possible!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day - happy birthday! I love the Chanel lipstick and the nail inc polish!

    1. Thank you :) I'm still yet to try the Chanel lipstick I don't want to mess it up! How silly is that! xxx

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Lovely presents too. Happy birthday!

  3. I LOVE the colour of both the lipsticks you got! Lucky thing! Your birthday celebrations look great! (And you were right, I had a great time having a sticky beak!)
    Brianna ||

    1. :) Glad you enjoyed! The NARS Audacious Lipsticks are just soooo creamy! I would recommend them to anyone! xxx

  4. Ok I want a mirror like that too! Also- I loooove all these lipsticks! Glad you had the best time EVH! xxxxx

    1. Thank NIP. Love you long timeeee xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Happy Birthday! Those are some great gifts. Are you dressed as Bambi?

    1. I am Bambi!! Someone else thought I was Sven from Frozen - but I'm definitely Bambi! xxx


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