How to: Get those Kylie Jenner lips - DIY Lip Plumper

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Do you want to find out how plumped my lips like this....without surgery!

Well read on!

Kylie Jenner's lips were a huge topic for 2014...

Whether she has had surgery (I don't think so, shes a bit young!)
Whether she just overlines (Definitely does)
Which lipstick she uses (MAC Whirl lippencil)

And generally how on earth her lips went from this...

Doesn't help that her smile is totes awkward in the first picture and now all she does it pout.

Regardless, I am as into this as anyone and have been wanting to buy the FullLips kit after watching Shaanxo's video on it:

They look like this... and there are various sizes, but I'm put off by the cost for UK customers - $40 including shipping

Seems a bit much to me...especially when it is essentially just a round lid shaped pot thing...

...which gave me the thought of making my own!

The theory behind these FullLips devices is that you put them over your lips and suck. They then basically suction onto your lips because of the lack of air inside.

Seems pretty simple, the only downside can be if you suck too hard or for too long...then you have a lovebite on your purple bruised lips. Not good!!

That is my only word of warning.

I wouldn't do this technique every day but for a night out it is definitely something I will be doing, its just a bit of fun really!

Start with clean lips with a bit of lipbalm on
Sexy dressing gown huh!?

And then pick your weapon of choice...

Some options are the lid from a foundation bottle (my choice below)

A lid from a serum like the one below

An old photo film cartridge case the plastic clear ones- you know the ones I mean, they have a little plastic lid - in my house we use them for keeping safety pins in...dunno why! (Google a Plastic Film Cannister if you still don't know what I mean)

You get the idea though - something round which has no holes in so you can create the suction

Then position this on your lips - without going over the edge onto the skin...and gently suck

Gently... you don't want any lip hickeys!

I did this in maybe 10 second intervals so I could check the process.
I also moved it over to the side for each side so that it wasn't just the middle of my lips which were plumped.

I think in total I probably did about 40 seconds...
And the results are pretty clear
My lips are definitely plumped (apologies they are so chapped - thats what you get from spending the weekend kissing a boyyyy - oh heyyyy!)

Moving on....

If you wanted them even bigger you could keep going but I didn't want to go too far and be stuck with it!

I rubbed my lips a little with my finger to get rid of the circle mark,

Then I used my Elf Lip Plumper...

This is a cinnamon kind of flavoured lip balm, so it is meant to plump your lips...not sure whether it works but I think this blog post shows that anything is worth a try!

I then added my lip primer end of the Elf Primer and Plumper...

Lined with L'Oreal Contour Parfait in Honey

Applied the NARS Audacious lipstick in Anita (Birthday Present and a new absolute FAVE)

And then added in a touch of gloss on the centre of my lips.

I used the I Heart Makeup - Wow Gloss in the colour - I woke up like this.

I was going to work so didn't overline my lips today - if I had I might have looked a tad ridiculous, but if you want the dramatic look then over line slightly and then add the gloss just in the centre of your lips - this makes them look more full.

Also highlight your cupids bow and contour under your bottom lip - this also makes your lips more pouty.

And voila

They lasted a couple of hours, so definitely a special occasion thing I think - probably not worth the hassle for everyday.
I just did mine whilst I was getting dressed though so it didn't add any extra time.

If you want more of a Kylie Jenner look then don't add gloss - she always goes for a matte finish
I don't know whether its just me but I think my lips look massive!

Even sideways they do

If you want to be even more dramatic...go for a red!

I am genuinely quite proud of my DIY Lip Enhancer! Let me know if you give it a go and comment below! Or even better tag me in your pic on Instagram or Twitter

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