Get Ready With Me - Fahad's birthday nights out!

Monday, 12 January 2015

This past week has been a bit wild! 

I used to go out all the time, especially when I first moved to London, but I got a bit boring when I was in a relationship. Obviously it is very nice to be with someone you love and spend time in the country or stay in and cook meals but I did miss getting dressed up and going outout.

I decided this year I was going to be more of a "yes man" and do more things so when my friend Fahad said he was coming over from Dubai (where he lives) for his birthday and was celebrating on the Wednesday and the Friday nights I said yes to both!

Naughty - on a school night! I was behaved though and didn't get absolutely smashed!

I did my makeup quite quickly as I had to get home from work and then get ready so didn't document my routine. But here is how it looked and the dress I wore.

I used my new EX1 foundation in the colour F200. I expected big things of this foundation and was disappointed when I tried it and it didn't match.

Fortunately with a fake tan it does match and it literally makes your face look flawless. Love it.

I just did a basic matte smokey eye with my Naked Palette and nude lips. I think if you're wearing a dress like this you can't really rock a red lip!!

Some people may not like it and think I look like a hussy but I love it! 

I had a previous boyfriend (not naming names or slating anyoneee) who wouldn't let me wear this dress. We went on a night out once and it was the only outfit I had with me...he made me wear my jacket all a club.

So I like to wear it now just because I can!

perfect snapchat material

It is from Celeb Boutique and I got it two years ago...

This one is similar!

We went to DSTRKT for dinner and for clubbing which was really fun. Even had a little celeb spot with Ricky from TOWIE.

Still mad at him for what he did to Jess Wright though...

I had Thursday night off (although Fahad did try and get me down to Boujis) and had dinner with my cousins instead which was lovely.

On Friday it was time to get ready again and here comes my get ready with me section of this blog.

I started with the Benefit Porefessional. I got this in my You Beauty advent calendar and I really like it. Not as much as my Smashbox Photo Finish one, but I do enjoy it.

To be honest you could wear it with nothing else and it makes your skin look nicer.
Not for a night out though!

The next thing was my new EX1 F200 foundation. 

I used my beauty blender to apply this and it goes on really nicely.

My beauty blender is new and I really enjoyed how it makes my skin look. 

I'm going to a review soon and compare it to my Real Techniques one.

Next for concealer... I used my holy grail, NARS radiant creamy concealer in Custard.

These are the areas where I apply it.
...I'm so fucking sexy!

I was getting bored of smiling with product selfies by this point!

To set my concealer I used my Real Techniques deluxe crease brush with the banana shade (middle on the left) from the Anastasia Beverley Hill Contour Kit.
The deluxe crease brush is actually an eye brush but I find it quite big so it works well for setting my concealer.

To contour I used the fawn colour from this kit (middle on the right). It is a more ashy toned bronzer so works well for a contour as it looks more like a shadow.
I used my MAC 163 contour brush.

For blush I used Hot Mama by the Balm and for highlight I used Estee Lauder's HeatWave Highlighter

Both really beautiful products

Here is how my skin looked after all those steps...

Honestly that contour kit is so worth the money! 

Next for eyes!

I started with my NARS eyelid primer
(which I don't think is super amazing - not sure I would recommend...but then I'm not amazed by any eyelid primer...because its an eyelid primer! Its unexciting)

Then I used my NAKED 1 Palette from Urban Decay with Mulch from MAC 
I used the lightest colour Virgin to highlight my inner corner and under my brow bone (which is what I do every single day)
I then used Naked and Buck to do a matte nude smokey eye
I added in some of Half Baked and Mulch to add some glitter

And then lined my upper lash line with  Colorsport's 24 hour eyeliner
This is in a kind of felt tip format and I just used it very close to my lash line with no wing or anything

I added on Kimberly Walsh lashes from Eyelure (which are my all time fave)

And sorted my brows with my Anastasia Beverley Hills DipBrow Pomade and L'Oreal's Brow Artist Plumper gel.

And I was done!

Soz Jess I'm wearing your hoodie...oopssss

I then curled all of my hair and added my Foxy Locks extensions...

And was good to go!

For lips I used L'Oreal's Contour Pencil in Honey and a Maybelline Elixir gloss in the colour Nude Illusion

Rachel and I headed out to Mahiki to meet the boys and had drinks there for a few hours...

It was then on to Cirque Le Soir!

I've been here a few times and have always loved it.
However, they have changed their shows. They used to have women with snakes, "little people" (not sure the politically correct term) and buff boxers with terrifying baby masks.

Very in keeping with the freak circus theme.

But this time it was basically just a bunch of naked women.

This woman was quite cool...

But some of the others were weird....including two women who were making out and pouring alpro soya all over each other - genuine alpro soya from a carton...not even put in a fancy bottle.
And one woman who was about a size 28 (thats my guess) who was wearing a thong and pasties and nothing else.

I mean whatever floats your boat but I preferred it back in the day when there was the snake lady.

Regardless we had an awesome night!
I wore this crop and skirt from Motel Rocks

Here are some similar ones

We had a seriously fun night - I met some awesome people and loved hanging out with my boys Fahad and Manish...and obvi my wife Rachel

Happy Birthday Fahad thanks for organising such brilliant nights.

P.S. COME HOMEEEEE so we can do this every weekend!

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