You Beauty Advent Calendar Days 18-24

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Are you ready for the final Advent Calendar haul?

I'm actually quite sad that I'm not going to get a present everyday anymore!

18th December

On day 18 I got John Masters Organic shampoo and conditioner.

I do think its a bit odd that they are different flavours...and they didn't make my hair feel particularily amazing and out of this world!

These are both 1 fluid oz. And 8fluid ozs retails for £ £4 for both of these.

19th December

On the 19th I got quite a large sample of Benefit Porefessional.

I've used this before and do like it. It is a very creamy texture and is skin coloured so makes your skin look more even before you even put foundation on top.

This retails for £10 for this size.

20th December

I am super excited to try this face fake tan by James Read.

The packaging is so pretty and I've read really good reviews.

50ml is £25 so this retails for £12.50

21st December

Oh my god I loveeee this serum.

At £125 for 15ml I don't think I will repurchase when I run out but it makes my skin feel amazingggg!

It doesn't say how much is in this mini one but from google I think it is 2.5ml and therefore it is valued at £20.80! Very pricey but very good!!

22nd December

I was excited for this day as the door was so big!

This is a full size Rituals Fortune Scrub which retails for about £8

It smells really nice and orangey but I haven't actually tried it on my face yet!

23rd December

On the 23rd I got a bath oil.

Now I know I don't like the smell of roses so I didn't even open this and gave it away for Christmas

It retails at about £6

24th December 

The final day :(

I got this sleep plus pillow spray. 

I haven't tried it yet so cannot comment,but it retails at £6

Slightly disappointing for the final day, I think they should have put the face scrub on the final day!

Overall I must say that this is the best advent calendar IN THE WORLD.

I have added up the total value and it is:

Day 1 £8
Day 2 £12
Day 3 £5
Day 4 £10
Day 5 £4
Day 6 £10
Day 7 £16
Day 8 £15
Day 9 £16
Day 10 £4
Day 11 £19
Day 12 £19
Day 13 £6
Day 14 £3
Day 15 £8
Day 16 £12
Day 17 £11
Day 18 £4
Day 19 £10
Day 20 £12.50
Day 21 £20.80
Day 22 £8
Day 23 £6
Day 24 £6

Total £245.30

Bearing in mind I just asked my Mum how much she paid for it and she said £50 I think I did pretty well!!

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